Mary Mackillop

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    Mary Mackillop life

    Life from birth to deaf
  • Birth of a Saint

    Born on 15th of January 1842 the place of her birth was Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.
  • Baptised

    Mary Mackillop was baptised on the 28th of february 1842 at St Francis, Melbourne.
  • Work for Mary

    Actual date is unknown of when she started but she started working as a clerk for Sands and Kenny Stationers in Melbourne at age 14 and did so for 4 years.
  • Governess

    unknown when but at age 18 she moved to a small private township of Penola, in south Australia, to be a governess for her Uncle an Aunties kids.
  • First Teahings

    She got her first job as a teacher in 1863 at Portland Catholic Denomination School.
  • Didication to God

    When she was 24 years old she started a stable school today (Saint Josephs day) and wore a black dress that signified her dedication to God.
  • The Vows

    She took her religious vows on this day in a tiny chapel in Grote Street. This was when she became Mary of the Cross.
  • Final Vows & trip to Brisbane

    She took her final vows on this date then left for Brisbane with a group of her sisters after Australian Bishops gathered and Bishop James Quinn invited her to Queensland.
  • Excommunicated

    She returned to Adelaide and was later excommunicated by Bishop Sheil, 47 other sisters were expelled also.
  • Return of The Saint

    Her excomunnication was removed on this date
  • General

    in 1875 she was elected as the first Superior Genral
  • Diocesan Group

    A Diocesan group was set up in Pertville
  • Diosan group 2

    A group was set up in Whangani, New Zealand this year.
  • 2 time General

    She get re-elected as General
  • Diocesan group 3

    In 1882 a group was set up in Goulburn
  • Diocesan group 4

    A diocesan gropu was set up in 1883 in Lochinvar
  • Invalid election

    In 1885 she was told by Cardinal Moran that her election in 1881 was invalid so Mother Bernard Walsh was given the position.
  • Diocesan group 5

    In 1887 a group was set up in Tasmania.
  • 3 time lucky

    After Mother Bernard Walsh dies she became the Superior General again.
  • Brain Attack

    In 1902 she had a stroke as then went to Rotorua.
  • Deaf of A Saint

    She died this day at Mount St, North Sydney and was buried at Gore Hill Cemetery