Mary Anderson by Xavier

Timeline created by brandifritz
  • Mary Andersons birth

    Mary Andersons birth
    Mary Anderson was born in greene country alabama in july 28th 1859
  • moving to Birmingham

    moving to Birmingham
    Her family and her moved to Birmingham Alabama
  • Moving again

    Moving again
    Her and her family moved to Gresno, California
  • Cattle ranch

    Cattle ranch
    She Operated a cattle ranch until 1898
  • Windsheild Wipers

    Windsheild Wipers
    They are used to wipeoff rain or snow off the windshield
  • California

    windshield wipers were invented in california
  • Widshield wiper blades

    Widshield wiper blades
    they were invented in 1903 along with the windshiield wipers,it's smooth at the bottom so it don't scratch your windshield, it scrapes any kind of precipitation off.
  • Patent

    Windshield wipers had a patent in 1903-1920
  • Husbands death

    Husbands death
    September 2nd her husband died by a shotgun 1 time in the back and 3 times in te buttox
  • Patent (ends)

    Patent (ends)
    Manufacturers start using them and MAryAnderson doesn't getpaid for it.
  • Windshield wipers automatic

    Windshield wipers automatic
    Windshield wipers got upgraded to auto matic in july 6, 1921 and still are back then windshield wipers had to be used by hand by a lever.
  • Death of Mary Anderson

    Death of Mary Anderson
    She was found dead on the toilet with a bullet through her brain with the gun in the toilet.
  • Mary andersons death age

    Mary andersons death age
    Mary anderson was 87 when she died
  • Vehicles having windshield wipers

    Vehicles having windshield wipers
    Almost all vehicles had windshield wipers in 1964
  • fun fact

    fun fact
    even space shuttles have windshield wipers