Maroon 5

By sisem3
  • Period: to

    maroon 5

  • The band formed

    The band formed
    Adam Levine started a band called 'kara's flowers' after a girl the had a 'collective' crush on
  • First album

    Kara's Flowers first album, The Fourth World
  • Band parts

    the band parts ways to go to collage
  • band is reformed

    band is reformed
    the band is reformed, has a new member, and is renamed Maroon 5
  • first new song

    new song "not coming home"
  • Band's new direction

    Band's new direction
    The song "sunday morning" and soon to be writen "she will be love" help the band
  • first single

    thier first single "Harder To Breath" started to grow on popularity
  • songs in top 20's

    songs in top 20's
    their song "about jane" made it to the top 20 of the billdoards 200. their ssond "Harder To Breath" made in the top 20's in billdoards hot 100 single chart
  • new album

    they releast their new album "It Won't Be Soon Before Long"
  • new releases

    the single "Misery" was releast after the anounccment of their new album "Hands All Over"