Marketing Timeline

  • Official Launch Day

    Bio-Rad booths will be set up, mainly to sell the TC10. Leaflets will be given out to highlight the benefits of the TC10. The booth will also be displaying a video, showing the advantages and features of using TC10 in their research work.
    Interested parties can make purhases of the TC10 at promotional price at the launch as well receive after-sales packages that is only available during on this day.
  • Period: to

    Promotional Period

  • Search for Potential Researchers

    Start identifying potential researchers for pre-launch giveaway of TC10 (about 10 of them)
    A conference will be held in March 2011 for these selected researchers to present their work as well as talk about their experience with TC10
  • Exclusive Pre-Conference Giveaway

    Free TC10 automated cell counters are given to selected promising researchers working on different fields of study requiring the use of a cell counter in their experiments.
  • Preliminary Website Design

    Start to design website to promote the Life-science conference which is used to further promote the TC10 Automated Cell Counter
  • Launch Website

    Launch of the official conference website on the main Bio-Rad website. At the same time indicate that there will be a promotion for the purchase of TC10 during the conference.
  • Create Facebook Group for Research Conference

    Raise awareness for the research conference event.
    The research conference will Invite those researchers who received free TC10 machines during May 2010 to talk about their work, at the same time share their opinions about the TC10 and Bio-Rad after sales service.
  • Invitation for Conference event

    Send exclusive invitation to influential members of the lifescience and biology community. Invite them to be VIPs for the conference event. Bio-Rad can use this opportunity to impress these people using theire TC10 automated cell counting machine for their cell counting solution. This is also a good opportunity to buy over consumers from Bio-Rad's competitors by highlighting their advantage in price and after sales service
  • Life-Science Conference

    An event is launched for selected researchers who benefited from the TC10 pre-launch give away to share their work as well as touch on their experience with the TC10 during their course of study
    The researchers will be from various research fields like immunology and cell cytometry . This is to examplify the TC10 as a product that can be used in a wide spectrum of research
    Booths will be set-up to demonstrate the usage and effectiveness of the TC10.
  • Consolidation of sales

    Based on their sales in the past 11 months, Bio-Rad can decide on the number of TC10 cell counters they would like to mass produce