Mark Cuban

  • Mark Cuban was born

    Mark Cuban was born
    Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  • First business

    First business
    Mark Cuban sold trash bags at age 12
  • Graduation

    Mark Cuban graduated from Kelley school of Business with a B.S in Business in 1981
  • First million

    First million
    Mark Cuban sold Microsolutions, a software company for 2.2 million dollars to CompuServe
  • First Billion

    First Billion
    Mark Cuban sold to Yahoo! for 5.6 billion dollars
  • Bought the Mavericks

    Bought the Mavericks
    Mark Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks for 285 million dollars
  • Magnolia pictures

    Magnolia pictures
    Mark Cuban and his partner Todd Wagner started a film distribution company named Magnolia pictures
  • Fallen Patriot Fund

    Fallen Patriot Fund
    started a fundraiser for injured or killed soldiers in operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Men of the Year

    Men of the Year
    In 2006 Mark Cuban was in GQ's edition of "Men of the Year
  • Shark Tank

    Shark Tank
    Became a shark on the ABC TV show Shark Tank