Marion Donovan

  • Period: to

    Inventions of Marion Donovan

  • birth

  • the boater

    the boater
    Invented her first disposable diaper called "the boater" after being inspired by her second daughter.
  • Patent

    received patent for the first disposable diaper
  • company sold

    company sold
    Marion Donovan sells her company and boater patent to Keko for $1 million
  • facial tissue box

    invented and patented
  • towel dispenser

    created and patented
  • new idea

    Victor Mills drew up an idea and created the brand Pampers
  • hoisery clasp

    hoisery clasp
    invented and patented
  • storage container

  • envelope and writing sheet combo

  • creates checks and record book keeping

  • patent for checks and record book keeping

  • closet organizer

    created and patented
  • Denta Loop

    dental tool created
  • death

    death of Marion Donovan