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Marilyn Monroe

  • Otis dies

    Otis Monroe( Della's first husband) dies in a mental institution. (Month and day not accurate)
  • Period: to

    Marilyn Monroes life

  • Norma Jeane is born

    Money was chipped in to help pay for the delivery.
  • Dellas funeral

    Marilyn's grandmother della dies after a nervous breakdown she was put in a mental hospital and died of a seizure.
  • Jackie Dies

    Jackie, norma's half brother and Glady's son dies. He is taken out of the hostpital despite the doctors orders and dies soon after.
  • New home/molestation

    Glady buys a home for 6000. She rents the top floor of the apartment to a british couple. Norma is raped by the husband Mr. Kinnel and it causes gladys to be crazy.
  • Mother taken to an institution

    One night she began screaming and laughing and was taken to a mental institution.
  • Grace

    Grace Mckee became her leagal guardian but didn't take her into her home yet.
  • Leaves orphanage for the last time.

  • She became "well developed"

    She started to get attention and she loved it.
  • Married

    Married to lucky Jim at the age of 16 to keep her out of the orphanage, during their marraige she is introduced to sex and she can't get enough of it.
  • models in a swimsuit in LAFF magazine

  • Norma divorces husband

    She does this so movie companies will hire her.
  • Johny Hyde dies

    Marilyn is deeply depressed and cried for days and attempted to kill gerself by over dosing on pills. Her stomach was pumped in the hospital.
  • Meets author miller

  • Tries to contact father

    He doesn't want to speak to her and she is devistated
  • Big movie role

    (Month and day not acurate). stars in Young as you Feel. 21 yrs old.