Marilyn Monroe

  • Otis Monroe Died

    In Mental Institution
  • Della Remarried

    To Charles Grainger
  • Gladys Visited Della

    Gladys told Della that she was pregnant and the father didn't want to marry her
  • Norma Jean Born

    Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe)
  • Baptisim

    Norma Jean was baptized by Aimee Semple McPherson
  • Della Becomes A Heavy Drinker

  • Della has an "Incident"

    Della tried to smother Norma Jean
  • Della is Banned

    Wayne Bolender restricted Della from seeing Norma Jean and she went on to the porch in a blinding rage and Wayne called the police
  • Gladys Returned to Venice Beach

    She meets Stan Gifford at the Westminster Apartment
  • Della Dies

  • Della Buried

    Buried in an unmarked grave
  • Gladys is Married

    Della said Gladys was 18, Gladys married Jasper who is twelve years older
  • Robert "Jakie" Baker Born

  • Berniece Baker was Born

  • Gladys filed for divorse

  • Gifford's wife Filed Divorce

  • Gladys meets Edward Mortensen

    He offered stability and security that Gifford denied her
  • Glayds Married Mortensen

    Married in a civil ceremony
  • Gladys left Mortensen

    Pregnant with Gifford's child
  • Norma Jean was Born

  • Della's Dad Commites Suicide

  • Jack Died

  • Bank Holiday

    Banks closed the Hollywood studios couldn't meet their payrolls
  • Banks Reopened

    Roosevelt signed the Emergency Banking Relief Act
  • Gladys' Mental

    Grace McKee became concerned about Gladys' mental state
  • Down Payment

    Gladys put a $750 down payment on a house for her and Norma
  • Interview

    Marilyn talks about how Mr. Kimmell raped her and how her mom didn't believe her
  • Norwalk State Hopital

    Gladys was institutionalized
  • Glayds Declared Legally Incomopetent

  • Moving Day

    Norma was moving again
  • Norma Jeane moves again

    Grace and Doc become alcholoics
  • Norma visited Grace

    Norma used the saving for the future Dougherty house to go east
  • Norma on film

    Conover was trying to capture Norma on film in Mojave Desert
  • Norma turned 19

    She felt alone and uncertain
  • Norma starting modle

    She made an appointment without telling Ethel, with Miss Emmeline Snively
  • Jim and Norma Marry

  • Jim and Norma move to Avalon

    Its a base where Jim was placed due to his Nvy enlistment
  • Norma talks about becoming an actress

    Norma talks to Snively about becoming an actress and Snively introduced her to someone who may help her
  • Norma signed

    Signed with Bunny Ainsworth's angency
  • Divorce

    Norma divorce Jim in Las Vegas
  • First encounter

    Norma meets Robert Slatzer
  • Laff

    Norma appeared in her bathing suit on the cover of Laff
  • Rebirth

    Norma Jean becomes Marilyn Monroe
  • Strike

    Grace McKee elected not to cross the picket lines, but Gladys did not.
  • Taken

    Gladys was taken to a mental institution
  • Gace Married Doc Goddard

    Norma Jean hoped she had finall found a family
  • WWII Ended

    Norma thought all the horns in LA were honking at her then she relized it was because WWII ended
  • Period: to

    Marilyn Monroe