Marilyn Monroe

By cflan
  • Death of Otis Elmer Monroe

    Mental Insititution; 1909
  • Period: to


  • Gladys's First Marriage

    She married her first husband
  • Della's Second Marriage

    Della married oil field worker Charles Grainger
  • The Birth Announcement

    Gladys, daughter of Della and her first husband Otis, reveals that she is pregnant
  • Birth of Norma Jean

    Norma Jean was born and baptized weeks later
  • Della Returns

    Della returns from Borneo after searching for her husband Charles
  • Incident

    Della tried to suffocate baby Norma Jean
  • Burial of Della Grainger

    Burried next to her first husband Otis in an unmarked grave at Rose Dale Cemetary in Los Angeles
  • Descent Into Madness

    Della goes crazy and tries to break into the Bolenders' to steal Norma Jean
  • Della's Death

    Della died of Myocarditis