Marie Curie Life Events

By PeanutB
  • Her Birth

    She was born in Warsaw, Poland. Her maiden name was Sklodowska, and her father was Władysław Skłodowski and her mother was Bronisława Skłodowska.
  • Marie moves to France

    Marie moved to France to get a higher education. It was illegal for women to get a higher education in Poland, so she and her sister agreed to support each other while the other was in school.
  • Marriage

    Marie married Pierre Curie, another brilliant mind, and the two would later do much research on radiation
  • First daughter

    First daughter
    Marie Curie had her first daughter on this day. Despite this, she and her husband continue working with little change of pace.
  • Discovery of Polonium

    Discovery of Polonium
    It was on this day that Marie discovered Polonium. It was a radioactive element that was named after her country of birth, Poland.
  • Discovery of Radium

    Discovery of Radium
    It was on this day that Marie discovered Radium, a radioactive element. It was named after the phenomena, radioactivity.
  • First Nobel Prize

    This was Marie's First Nobel Prize. This was awarded to Henri Becquerel, Pierre Curie, and Marie. This was the Physics Nobel prize, and was awarded for opening an entire new field of physics.
  • Second Daughter

    Second Daughter
    Marie Curie gave birth to her second daughter, who would later go on to be an author. Her daughter's name was Ève Denise Curie Labouisse.
  • Marie is Widowed

    Marie's husband, Pieere, is killed by a horse drawn vehicle when he falls below the wheels. Marie will later posthumously share her second Nobel Prize with him.
  • Marie's intimate letters are published

    After Pierre had died, Marie started seeing a man by the name of Paul Langevin. The biggest problem was he was already married, and his wife hired someone to break into Marie and Paul's private apartment and steal letters. Madame Langevin later had the letters published into the newspapers, which soiled Marie's reputation.
  • Second Nobel Prize

    Marie won her second Nobel prize, this time in chemistry, for her discovery of radium and polonium. This made her the first, and so far the only person to have won the Nobel Prize in two different categories.
  • Period: to

    Marie Curie visits the United States

    Marie visit the United States in order to raise money to buy radium.
  • Marie receives radium from President Harding

    Marie receives radium from President Harding
    Marie Curie goes to the White House to receive one gram of radium from president Harding.
  • Her Death

    Marie died July 4, 1934, in Sancellemoz, from aplastic anemia, a bone marrow disease. The disease is inflicted by long term exposure to radiation.
  • Her ashes are Entombed

    Her ashes are Entombed
    Marie Curie is so the first and only woman to be entombed in the French Pantheon of her own merits. There is another woman, but she is there for aiding her husband, not for her own work. The Pantheon is a French building to honor the dead who furthered human innovation.