Marie Curie

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  • Born

  • Studies

    she went to Paris to continue her studies at the Sorbonne where she obtained Licenciateships in Physics and the Mathematical Sciences
  • Marry

    She met Pierre Curie, Professor in the School of Physics in 1894 and in the following year they were married
  • Polonium and Radium

    Polonium and Radium
    Henri Becquerel inspired the Curies in their brilliant researches and analyses which led to the isolation of polonium, named after the country of Marie’s birth, and radium.
  • Gained her Doctor of Science degree

  • Director of the Curie Laboratory

    Director of the Curie Laboratory
    She was also appointed Director of the Curie Laboratory in the Radium Institute of the University of Paris
  • Gift

    President Hoover of the United States presented her with a gift of $ 50,000, donated by American friends of science, to purchase radium for use in the laboratory in Warsaw
  • Death

    Curie died in Savoy, France, after a short illness.