Marianas Trench.

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  • Ian Cassleman

    Ian Cassleman
    Ian was born on July 15th, 1983. With no further information found.
  • Mike Alyey

    Mike Alyey
    Mike was born November 1st, 1980. With no furthure information found.
  • Josh Ramsay

    Josh Ramsay
    Josh Ramsay was born June 11, 1983. He was born in Vancouver BC, into a family whom happened to be in love with music. His mother, a vocal teacher, and father, a recording studio owner allowed josh to find his musical talents at a very young age.
  • Matt Webb

    Matt Webb
    Matt Web, guitarist for Marianas Trench was born April 20, 1987 in Vancouver BC.
  • Marianas Trench, The Beginning.

    Marianas Trench, The Beginning.
    Marianas Trench is a Canadian Pop Rock band from Vancouver. Lead vocalist, writer, and guitarist Josh Ramsay and guitarist, back up vocalist Matt Webb began their friendship long before as they attended the same highschool. Ian Cassleman on drums, and Mike Alyey, guitarist and back up vocalist began thier friendship as roomates. The coming together of these four men, created one of the best Canadian bands.
  • The First Album. Fix Me

    The First Album. Fix Me
    shake tramp“Fix Me” is the debut studio album by Marianas Trench. It was released October 3rd, 2006. It contains the singles “Say Anything”, “Decided To Break It”, and “Shake Tramp”. “Shake Tramp” being the song the truly started there fame. As well as winning their first award in 2007. This album didn’t quiet throw them into stardom, but it didn’t throw them under the bus either.
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  • The Second Album. Masterpeice Theater

    The Second Album. Masterpeice Theater
    promoMasterpeice Theater PromoMasterpeice Theater III “Masterpiece Theater” is the second studio album created by Marianas Trench. It was released February 24th, 2009. The last song on the album, and in my opinion the best, is a collage of all the songs present on the album aswell as their previous singles. It is called “Masterpiece Theater III” This album did better than the first, as most do. It sold 5,000 copies in its first week. It also reached Platinum status with sales of 80,000 copies in Canada alone.
  • The Third and Latest Album, Ever After.

    The Third and Latest Album, Ever After.
    Havent Had EnoughEver After is the third studio album by Marianas Trench, released December 21st, 2011 in the U.S and November 21st, 2011 in Canada. This album has been there most successful yet. They went on a world tour to promote there album and then later decided to go on tour again with the “Face the Music with a Vengeance” tour to visit smaller towns they hadn’t gotten to visit the first time around. This album really through the boys over the top. The single on this album is “Havent Had Enough".
  • The Only Controversy.

    The Only Controversy.
    The only controversy for the band Marianas Trench, is why they chose that for the band name. That though, will never be answered.
  • The Influence.

    The Influence.
    When Josh was younger his mother was a vocal teacher and his father owned a recording studio, so he grew up thinking the world revolved around music. Seeing bands like ACDC and Areo Smith comming in and out of his house, truly made him see that his musical talent was also his calling.
  • The Funny Side.

    The Funny Side.
    watch this video from the beggining to 00:19 // 3:10-5:10 // 6:20-7:08 // 8:02-8:57 // 9:35-10:08 // 10:35-11:18