Margaret Thatcher

  • Her Father

    Her Father
    He was the mayor of Grantham.
  • Influence

    Her father was a strict Methodist and political party leader.
  • Birthday

    Margaret Thatcher was born on October 13, 1925 in the town of Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.
  • Period: to

    Margaret Thatcher

  • Childhood

    She and her sister grew up in Grantham.
  • School

    She was a very good student in school.
  • President Margaret

    President Margaret
    She was the president of Oxford University Conservation Association.
  • Graduation

    She graduated from Oxford with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.
  • Meeting Denis

    Meeting Denis
    She meets Denis Thatcher after a dinner. A divorced, wealthy, successful businessman. He drove her to her train afterwords.
  • Getting Married

    Getting Married
    Denis and Margaret were married the same year they met.
  • Something New

    Something New
    Margaret qualified as a barrister in 1953.
  • Twins

    Denis and Margaret welcome twins Carol and Mark into the family.
  • Member of Parliament

    Member of Parliament
    Elected memeber of parliament for Finchley.
  • Secretary of State

    Secretary of State
    Edward Heath appointment her Secretary of State for education and science.
  • Conservative party leadership

    Conservative party leadership
    Thatcher beat Heath for leader of opposition of the conservative party leadership election. The first women to lead major political party in the UK.
  • Prime Minister Thatcher

    Prime Minister Thatcher
    She won the general election for Prime Minister.
  • Re-election

    Thatcher was re-elected after the recession and high unemployment because of her popularity.
  • Round Three

    Round Three
    She was elected for a third time.
  • Thatcher Resigns

    Thatcher Resigns
    Margaret Thatcher resigned as prime minister and party leader. She was challenged by Michael Heseltine.
  • A New Record

    A New Record
    She is the longest serving British Prime Minister 1979-1990.
  • Another Record

    Another Record
    Thatcher is the only women prime minister.