March 11th 2011

  • March 11th 2011 Japan Earthquake

    A massive earthquake occurs in Japan.
  • 1st day of Japan Earthquake

    In tokoyo a hundred miles away from the earthquake that is occuring in japan large buildings begin to shake and a riot occurs.
  • 1st day of Japan Earthquake

    From the shaking of the earthquake in Tokoyo Sedai airport is undated with vehicles covered in thick mud.
  • First day of Japan earthquake

    more than 50 aftershocks occur in the Japan area that scares the people.
  • Second day of the earthquake

    Japans goverment launches a massive rescue mission mobilising thousands of troops.
  • second day of japan earthquake

    Japan request help from the uk.
  • Second day followin the Japan Earthquake.

    A team of medical docters come out and start helping wounded people that need help. Many people are saved.
  • Days following the Japan Earthquake

    Japans nuclear safety agency says the coolong system of a third nuclear reactor at fukushima has failed.
  • days following the Japan Earthquake

    Dangerous levels of Radiation leak from the fukushima plant.
  • Following the Japan Earthquake

    Uk foreign affice sets up a crisis center to co-ordinate Britians response and after advice.