Mapping unchartered territory - a brief and biased roundtrip

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  • Sonja Tirkkonen-Condit participates in the AILA Congress in Hamburg and brings back Pamela Gerloff's paper

  • On a methodology course, Sonja lures Riitta Jääskeläinen into process research, using Gerloff's conference paper as bait

  • Sonja publishes her first TAP article 'Think-aloud protocols in the study of the translation process'

  • Riitta submits her MA thesis 'What happens in a translation process'

  • Riitta starts working in Sonja's project funded by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Joensuu

  • First (and only) TRANSIF seminar at Savonlinna, organised by Sonja, and featuring Hans-Peter Krings as a plenary speaker

  • On Gideon Tourys' birthday, Riitta defends her licentiate thesis 'Features of successful translation processes' with Candace Séguinot as the opponent

  • TRANSIF proceedings published: Sonja Tirkkonen-Condit (ed) Empirical Research in Translation and Intercultural Studies (Gunter Narr)

  • Special symposium on translation processes at AILA96 at Jyväskylä, organised by Sonja and Riitta (featuring Birgitta Englund Dimitrova, Kerstin Jonasson, Janet Fraser, Kirsten Malmkjaer among others)

  • After the AILA symposium, a loose network of process researchers is formed under the name of Process Team

  • Johanna Laukkanen defends her licentiate thesis 'Affective factors and task performance in translation'

  • Colloquium on Translation and Cognition at Savonlinna, organised by Sonja and Riitta

  • Riitta defends her PhD dissertation 'Tapping the Process' with Paul Kussmaul as the (very gentle) opponent

  • Proceedings of the AILA symposium published: Tirkkonen-Condit & Jääskeläinen (eds), Tapping and Mapping the Processes of Translation and Interpreting (John Benjamins)

  • Proceedings of the colloquium Translation and Cognition published: ACROSS Languages and Cultures. 3: 1.

  • Our inspiring pioneer Sonja retires

  • Conference 'Moving In - Moving On' in Joensuu, featuring Sonja Tirkkonen-Condit and Arnt Lykke Jakobsen as plenary speakers

  • Savonlinna School of Translation Studies relocates to Joensuu and begins a new life in the new University of Eastern Finland

  • Riitta teaches at the UAB PhD summer school; the cooperation becomes the only remaining lifeline for the Deputy Head of the School of Humanities (until 31 Dec 2013)

  • Riitta ends her 4-year sentence as Deputy Head and hopes to revive her research activities

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    Mapping unchartered territory - a roundtrip