manitoba resistance time line

By xbox
  • Period: to

    manitoba resistance

  • Aremed Metis Stoped Surveyors

    the metis told the surveyors to leave or else they would kill them. they left but they knew that there enimies would be back.
  • tomas scott is killed

    thomas scott was an english prisoner of the metis who was acused of attempted murder and tresen and eventually exxecuted. this encressed tention betweent the english and the metis.
  • Creation of the Manitoba Act

    It created Manitobas 5 province. some inportant things in The Manitoba Act were the following: Manitoba would have its own provincial government.
  • Riel is saved by the others

    they were lead by gabriel dumont. they traveled to the us to save there leader. riel was saved and returened with his group.
  • the mmetis defeat police at duck lake.

    the metis won against there enimies and rgained power.
  • metis and cree people surrendered

    they give up and the canaidians take the for them selves
  • Ruperts Land is perchased by Canada

    the metis were upset beacuse they werent cusulted about there land being sold. they were also woried about being assimalated.