Manitoba Resistance Act

  • Rupert's Land is purchased by Canada

    Purchased Rupert's Land from the Hudsons Bay Company for 1.5 million. American newcomers were arriving. Trade with the U.S. was growing steadily. British colonists in the Red River worried that the U.S. would buy the land be Canada did.
  • Armed Metis stop surveyers

    The Surveyer's job was to prepare land for the farmers. The Gov't didnt warn the local First Nations and Metis so when the surveyers came but they coulden't comunicate with each other so they called Riel, who spoke both languages, and told the surveyers to leave.
  • Thomas Scott is killed

    The Metis put Thomas Scgott in jail. Scott threatened to kill Riel so the gaurds lost patients and killed him after his trial
  • Creation of the Manitoba Act

    It was the fifth province created. Manitoba had rules though, they wanted there own Gov't, lland for the Metis, and both French and English to be used in the Gov't.
  • A group of Metis travel to the States to bring Riel back to Canada

    Twelve Metis were imprisoned. Riel betreyed one country and the jury stated him guilty
  • The Metis defeat police at Duck Lack

    The Metis defeated a group of North WEst mounted police at Duck Lack forcing the the police to retreat. Later the Cree joined the Metis. 9 people were killed and they captured 1 police post.
  • Metis and Cree people surrender

    After 3 day of fighting the Cree and Metis surrendered. The resistance war was over. 53 soldiers from Ontario died and 118 were injured. 35 First Nations and Metis were killed