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  • Birth

    She was born.
  • Become famous

    She rose to fame with her debut single, "Candy".
  • First album: MANDY MOORE

    First album: MANDY MOORE
    She released her first album: MANDY MOORE.
  • Film debut: Dr. Dolittle 2.

    Film debut: Dr. Dolittle 2.
    Moore made her feature film debut in 2001, with a minor voice role in Dr. Dolittle 2.
  • Film: A Walk to Remember

    Film: A Walk to Remember
    She received recognition for her starring role in the romantic drama A Walk to Remember.
  • Second album: Coverage

    Second album: Coverage
    She released his second album: Coverage.
  • Film: Chasing Liberty

    Film: Chasing Liberty
  • Third album: Wild hope

    Third album: Wild hope
    She released his third album: Wild hope.
  • Fourth album: Amanda Leigh

    Fourth album: Amanda Leigh
    She released his fourth album: Amanda Leigh.
  • Period: to

    Drama series: This Is Us.

    From 2016 to 2022, Moore starred as Rebecca Pearson in the NBC family drama series This Is Us.
  • Fifth album: Silver Landings

    Fifth album: Silver Landings
    She released his fifth album: Silver Landings.
  • Sixth album: In real life.

    Sixth album: In real life.
    She released his sixth album: In Real Life