Malala Final Project Timeline By Eryl

Timeline created by Eryl
  • Malala Is Born - Mingora, Pakistan

    She was born in Mingora which is in the Swat Valley, Malala’s birth is a significant event in her life because her birth is where everything started for her.
  • Malala's First Speech - Peshawar, Pakistan

    At the age of 11, Malala says her first speech titled “How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to an education”. Malala’s first speech is a significant event in Malala's life because this is when she starts speaking out publicly.
  • Malala Starts Blogging - Mingora, Pakistan

    Malala starts blogging for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) under the name of Gul Makai she writes about what it’s like living under Taliban rule. This is a significant event in Malala's life because it gives Malala more recognition in the world.
  • Malala Starts Getting Threats - Mingora, Pakistan

    Malala starts receiving threats from the Taliban, in the form of newspapers, notes and messages passed on by people. This is a significant event in Malala's life because Malala might get attacked by the Taliban.
  • Malala Gets Awards - Islamabad, Pakistan

    Malala gets nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize by South Africa’s Desmond Tutu, and she gets Pakistan’s first National Peace prize with the prize being named after her. This is a significant event in Malala’s life because she gets more recognition worldwide.
  • An Assassination Attempt On Malala - Swat Valley, Pakistan

    Malala was attempted to be assassinated on her bus ride home from school, the attack was carried out by the Taliban and 2 other girls were injured because of the attack. This is a significant event in Malala’s life because now Malala has now gained worldwide recognition because the Taliban attacked her and now almost the entire world now supports her cause.
  • Malala Is Transported To Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Birmingham, England

    Malala is transported to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham by the ruling family of the United Arab Emirate’s private plane. This is a significant event in Malala’s life because this is the first time Malala has left Pakistan and in Birmingham, she can have a higher chance to survive.
  • Malala Addresses The United Nations General Assembly - New York, United States

    Malala addresses the United Nations General Assembly which is the first public speech she did since the shooting, in her speech she stresses the importance of universal education. This event is significant to Malala’s life because her story has gotten so much attention that she can stand up in front of world leaders and say a speech.
  • Malala Receives The Nobel Peace Prize - Oslo, Norway

    Malala receives the Nobel Peace Prize. This event in Malala’s life is significant because this prize shows the hard work and dedication Malala has for what she does.