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Major Hurricanes & Tropical Storms in Puerto Rico

  • Tropical Storm-San Cirilo

    Tropical Storm-San Cirilo
    -First storm to hit Puerto Rico in the 20th Century.
    -Winds of 70 mph
    -The storm was mostly experienced in the southwest area of the island and produced rains of 5 to 6 inches in 72 hours in Barranquitas, Caguas and Humacao.
    -The wind report of San Juan was of 52 mph and a pressure of 29.60 in/hg (1002 mb).
  • Tropical Storm-San Vicente

    Tropical Storm-San Vicente
    -Winds of 60 mph
    -The center of this tropical storm moved over the north coast of Puerto Rico in a westerly direction.
    -The storm affected all the crops in Puerto Rico, specially the citrus.
  • Hurricane-San Hipólito

    Hurricane-San Hipólito
    -Category 1 hurricane with winds around 90mph. -The most affected areas were in the east and nothern part, specially Santurce.
    -The dameges were estimated at 1million dollars.
  • Hurricane-San Felipe

    Hurricane-San Felipe
    -It land on Puerto Rico as a 5 category hurricane.
    -Winds of 160mph.
    -Almost all buildings were destroyed.
    -The damage to the sugar industry were sustantial.
    -The coffee harvest was almost completely lost.
    -About 300 people died.
  • Hurricane-San Nicolas

    Hurricane-San Nicolas
    -Category 1 hurricane with winds of aprox. 90mph.
    -Two people were killed.
    -The damage was restricted to trees, windows, power lines and roofing.
  • Hurricane-San Ciprian

    Hurricane-San Ciprian
    -A category 3 hurricane of 120mph.
    -Damage roads and power lines.
    -Heavy rain that caused significant flooding that left many homes and buildings under 1.5feet of water.
    -It stay 7 hours in P.R. with aprox. 255 deaths
  • Tropical Storm-San Calixto ll

    Tropical Storm-San Calixto ll
    -Category 1 with winds of 90mph.
    -Reported winds around 60mph in west P.R.
    -There was damage to residences Cabo Rojo to Aguadilla
    -Rains of 12 to 18 inches caused flooding in the rest of the island.
    -No deaths were reported,for first time the Reconnaissance Aircrafts to study the cyclone.
  • Hurricane-Santa Clara (Betsy)

    Hurricane-Santa Clara (Betsy)
    -Category 1 hurricane with winds of 92mph.
    -Over 1285 buildings were destoyed.
    -There was a complete loss to the bananas crop in Jayuya.
    -Tha haviest damage was in Yabucoa near where Betsy ashore, due to a slight oscillation of the eye.
  • Tropical Storm-Eloise (Eloisa)

    Tropical Storm-Eloise (Eloisa)
    -Winds of 125mph
    -The damage was caused by very heavy rainfall and extensive flooding around the island.
    -Great inundations in the south-east and center area of P.R.
    -44 people died.
    -Rainfall data indicate that the record of 23 inches of rain in 24 hours by hurricane "San Ciriaco" in 1899 may have been exceeded but the information cannot be confirmed.
  • Tropical Storm-Claudette

    Tropical Storm-Claudette
    -Highest winds were about 60mph (95km/h)
    -Claudette was a weak tropical storm that passed over the north coast of Puerto Rico in a westward direction.
    -Poduced heavy rains over portions of Puerto Rico.
    -Damage was minimal.
  • Hurricane-David

    -Category 4 hurricane as it blasted through the islands of Martinique and Dominica with sustained winds of 145 mph.
    -Even so David was 90 milles south(Ponce) & 70 miles south(Cabo Rojo) Puerto Rico suffered strong winds of 175 mph.
    -A lot of people took refuge.
    -About more than 800 homes were destroyed
    -$ 55,000,000 million in losses in the equipment and agricultural production
    -If this hurricane had reach Puerto Rico it would had been the biggest disaster in the island history.
  • Tropical Storm-Frederick

    Tropical Storm-Frederick
    -The weak storm crossed Puerto Rico from east to west with winds of 50 mph and a pressure of 1004 millibars.
    -Pass few days after David.
    - In Puerto Rico the damage was caused by flooding and damage estimates cannot be separated between David and Frederick, and are a total of $125 million dollars.
  • Tropical Storm-Klaus

    Tropical Storm-Klaus
    -Winds of 28mph
    -The maximium amount of rain n 24 hours was around 3 inches.
    -There were not severe inundations, only minor coastal inundations.
    -No one died.
  • Hurricane-Hugo

    -A category 4 hurricane with winds of 140 mph.
    -Severe damages were caused.
    -Over 90-100,000 people take refuge, in which 13,000 people were left homeless.
    -The banana and coffee crops were almost completelty destroyed.
    -Heavy rains caused severe flooding in the vicinity of San Juan.
    -Severeal roads and bridges were washed away.
  • Tropical Storms-Cindy

    Tropical Storms-Cindy
    -Winds reached 35 mph
    -Maximum of 5.54 in (141 mm) of rain fell near Río Cerrillos in Ponce.
    -The rainfall caused scattered street flooding and filled rivers, affecting hundreds of residents.
  • Hurricane-Marilyn

    -Category 2 hurricane with 110mph winds.
    -Cause collapses and flooding in P.R.
    -Vieques and Culebra were the most affected areas; the damages were severe.
    -about 120 homeswere destroyed and 829 were damaged.
  • Hurricane-Hortensia

    -Category 1 hurricane with 80 mph winds.
    -The damage were more caused by the rain.
    -It only destroyed two homes and ripped the roofs of about 50 homes.
  • Hurricane-Georges

    -Category 3 hurricane with 115mph winds.
    -This left tens of thousands homeless.
    -High winds downed nearly half of the island's electric and telephone lines, leaving 96% of the population powerless.
    - Lack of electricity greatly damaged the water system, resulting in the loss of water and sewer service for 75% of the island.
    -Georges's deluge of rainfall caused significant damage to the agricultural industry.
  • Tropical Storm-Dean

    Tropical Storm-Dean
    -The hightest winds were around 165mph.
    -There was an estimated $2 million in damage due to flooding in Puerto Rico.
  • Tropical Storm- Jeanne

    Tropical Storm- Jeanne
    -Winds reached 72 mph (117 km/h)
    -The rainfall left most of the island without power or water.
    -Severe flooding along many rivers of Puerto Rico,forcing 3,629 people to evacuate their houses in flood zones.
    -Damaged schools, houses, businesses.
    -The combination of fallen trees, landslides, and debris closed 302 roads and left many bridges damaged.