Major Events of the 1960's

By Chet98
  • Echo 1 Failure

    NASAs first attempt to send up the ECHO satellite had a failure in the Delta Rocket, causing more work to be needed for a future attempt
  • Training for Men ends

    In Canberra, the national service training for men is ceased
  • Period: to

    Olympic Games

    The 1960 Olympic Games are held in Rome, Italy
  • Man in space

    The Soviets send Alan Shepard to space on the Freedom 7
  • Orbit of the Earth

    John Glenn, American, was the first man to orbit the earth - three times - on the 20th February 1962. He was also the third man in space.
  • AMP Building

    The 25-storey AMP Building is opened in Australia
  • "I Have A Dream"

    Martin Luther King Jr. does his "I Have A Dream" speech, where over 200 000 people came to fight for equal rights between both black and white people.
  • JFK Assassination

    President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. The presumed killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, never went to trial or was convicted as he was shot dead by a man by the name of Jack Ruby while Oswald was being moved to a different jail. The truth about the JFK assassination will forever be a mystery.
  • Cigarette Warnings

    1964 was the first year that health warnings began to appear on cigarette boxes, although the US government had not stated that it could lead to lung problems and cancer until a later date.
  • Period: to

    Beatles Boom

    During the year 1964, the Beatles became extremely famous, gaining a huge amount of fans as well as being seen on TV and playing in sold out performances.
  • Echo 2

    NASAs second attempt to send up the ECHO satellite was a success, sent up on a Thor Agena Rocket. This became the first satellite to be able to be seen by the naked eye on Earth
  • Decimal Currency

    Australia swaps the old pounds to decimal currency nation-wide
  • Walt Disney Dies

    Walt Disney, creator of many cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, dies from cancer
  • Hand-held Calculator Invented

    During 1967 the first hand-held calculator is invented by Texas Instruments, with the original sale cost of the item being around $2500
  • Death Penalty Ban

    Ronald Ryan becomes the last man to be hung for the murder of a prison warder while trying to escape prison. His death lead to the removal of the Death Penalty in Australia
  • Referendum Vote

    90.77% of Australianss vote Yes to the referendum to count the indigenous people to be counted in the census and be effected by the federal laws
  • Echo 2 burns up

    Echo 2 comes into Earths orbit and burns up and NASA abandoned passive communications systems
  • Moon Landing

    At 4:18pm, Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to land on the moon on the Apollo 11