Major Events Leading to the American Revolution

  • Period: to

    French and Indian War

    A major war fought between Britain and France in the American colonies.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    A declaration made by Britain that ended the French and Indian War.
  • Sugar Act

    Parliament passed this act, which was a tax on sugar in the colonies.
  • Quartering Act

    Required the colonists to provide shelter to British soldiers without their consent.
  • Stamp Act

    Another tax put on the American colonies by the British that put a tax on all printed materials (newspapers, legal documents, etc.)
  • Townshend Acts

    Four laws were passed by Parliament, for American colonists. This angered the colonists more.
  • Boston Massacre

    A group of British soldiers shot into a crowd after being provoked and killed five colonists.
  • Tea Act

    It reinforced a tea tax in the American colonies and also prohibited colonists from buying tea from other sources.
  • Boston Tea Party

    A protest by American colonists after the Tea Act was passed. Colonists dressed up as American Indians and poured approximately 342 chests of tea into the harbor in Boston.
  • Intolerable Acts

    They were harsh and "intolerable" laws passed by Parliament. They were meant to punish colonists after the Boston Tea Party.
  • First Continental Congress

    All of the colonies (except Georgia) secretly sent representatives to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They demanded rights (life, liberty, property, public assembly, and trial by jury).
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    These battles marked the beginning of the American Revolution.