Major Events in WWI

By Wags23
  • Causes of WWI

    Causes of WWI
    Causes of WWI Imperialism- When a country wants to expand it’s power and it takes over smaller nation.
    Nationalism- Devotion to the instrest & culture of one nation
    Militarism- Building up ones army
    Alliance system- Formal agreement or union nations
  • Assasination of Franz Ferdinand

    Assasination of Franz Ferdinand
    He was visiting Sarajevo the capitol of Bosnia. He was goingto city hall and a terriorist group named Black Hand had planned to kil him. When he was going to city hall one of the member threw a gernade and it blew up one of the cars. Franz and his wife were not injured but some of his servants were. He insisted in going to see his servants and when they were going the driver took the wrong turn and when the driver put it in reverse a member of Back Hand. The man had shot Fran in the neck.
  • New Weapons

    New Weapons
    Machine Gun- It is a fully automatic gun that can shoot 50-100 rounds in less than a second. Tank- Made on September 15 1916 it was a great advantage for us americans and allies. But if it rained it could be bad becuase that means they would get stuck. Artillery- Made on August 1 1290 and it helped americans and alies a lot by making able to shoot people trying to cross no mans land.
  • Trench Warfare

    Trench Warfare
    Condintons in the trenches are horrible. There are dead men laying in piles and the trench is full of water and many men cant handle it and they run out into no mans land or they shoot them selves.
  • Election of 1916

    Election of 1916
    Wilson v Hughes- Wilson won because he kept us out of war for this long.
  • Germany map after war

    Germany map after war
  • Germany Before war

    Germany Before war
  • Womens roles

    Womens roles
    Before the war started womens roles were homemakers. When men left to go fight over seas women took the mens places as barbers,railroad trackwalkers, and bridge attendents.
  • America getting involved in WWI

    America getting involved in WWI
    America gets involved in WWI The reason America got involved was because the Germans had unauthorized submarines on the east coast and they destroyed many of our " civillian" ships. President Woodrow Wilson told the Germans to stop and they said "ok" but after a while the Germans destroyed another " civillian" ship.
  • Allies v Central Powers

    Allies v Central Powers
    Allies Triple AllianceFrance GERMANYBritain Austria- HungryRussia ItalyUSA
  • America in WWI

    America in WWI
    America enters the war America was over in Germany digging trenches and preparing for battle. We had many tanks, carriges, and men get stuck in the mud becuase of all the rain.
  • End of war and Final Statistics

    End of war and Final Statistics
    World War 1 ended on June 28 1919 when the Germans signed the Treaty of Versailles. 8 million soldiers died include 50,000 Americans. 7 million dollars were spent for WWI