Major Events in the 90's

  • Hubble Telescope Launched Into Space

    Hubble Telescope Launched Into Space
    -orbits the Earth
    -gives us a view of the universe
    -one of NASA'S most sucesful and long lasting missions
  • Collapse of the Soviet Union

    Collapse of the Soviet Union
    -11 soviet republics announced they would no longer be a part of the Soviet Union
    -they wanted to establish independent states instead
    -the President Gorbachev was disappointed from the decision and resigned from his job
  • World Tade Center Bombed

    World Tade Center Bombed
    -the terroist group was an Islamic Extremist Group
    -they drove a 1,500 pound urea-bomb into the basement, set the timer, and left
    -6 people were killed and over a thousand were injured
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    -terroists were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols
    -5,000 pound bomb was hidden in a Ryder truck and exploded outside Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
    -168 people were killed, 19 of them were kids
    -worst attack on U.S soil until 9-11
  • President Clinton Impeached

    President Clinton Impeached
    -charged guilty with lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice
    -the Congress debated for nearly 14 hours
    -he is only the second president to be inpeached
  • Columbine Massacre

    Columbine Massacre
    -Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were the attackers
    -they had guns, knives, and bombs
    -12 students and 1 teacher were killed, 21 were injured
    -they were picked on by other students at school