Major events after the Cold War leading to emerging economic powers

By Bakerka
  • Great power

    Great powers were the powers that posessed military and economic stremgth
  • Red Scare

    The red scare is when a "hysteria" over threats made by communists were happening in the U.S.
  • American foreign policy

    The American Foreign policy was an effort to cope with Two majorly difficult problems.
  • The Chernobyl disaster

    an tomic bomb was dropped and released toxic levels of radiation.
  • A breakthrough in Nuclear arms control

    lasted october 11th-12th
  • Soviet troops leave Afghanistan

  • Soviet "reforms" their state of bankruptcy

  • Soviet " reforms" their state of bankruptcy

  • Democracy is Restored in Chile

    Democracy is Restored in Chile after the Cold War.
  • Germany

    Germany is Reunified after the cold war
  • American Institutions defeat soviet operations

    American Instuturions defeat soviet operations