Major Event Timeline

  • the deep south secede

    other states declare themselves indeoendent.buchanan is afarid of virgina and maryland leaving.
  • a confederacy is formed

    seceded states meet and form a constitution in four days that differs from the U.S is some ways. slavery can not be banned jefferson davis and Alexander stephens become president and vice- president of conderate states of america
  • a tense inaugration

    Lincoln is inguarted into presidency. vows to hold, occupy and posses the property of the fed. gov't
  • the first shot

    the first shot was fired at 4:27 am within 15 minutes the whole alilary opens fire. anderson delays returing fire for 90 minutes
  • crisis in congress

    buchanan cabniet spilts along sectional lines. northen cabniets members theartens to resign if anderson is sent back.buchanan forces floyd to resign
  • Lincoln Wins Electon

    Lincoln had most of the northern support and won 39.8% of the popular vote and enough electoral votes to win
  • leaving!

    slave states leave the union. carolina is the first to go
  • federal forts seized

    people wake up to smoke coming from the harbor entrance. the south carolina miltia seizes the remaining fed. forts