Main rp

  • Period: to

    Retro Section of RP

  • The Beginning

    Briar gets kidnapped in Denver Clay and Ryan save her, and they travel to Chicago (For briars mother and Clay's college)
  • Clay meets Rose

  • Clay and Ryan take down ALPHA

  • The trio fight Jared

    The trio fight Jared. This is where they meet Ashton and Arthur
  • Ryan becomes evil

    Ryan goes evil :O
  • Will and Henry travel back in time to help

    Will and Henry are sent from 2018 to 1999 to help with Ryan
  • The group fights Ryan

    The group all fights Ryan. He eventually loses and goes into retirement.
  • The Grandmaster returns

    The grandmaster returns, turning Will onto his side, and taking control of the city.
  • Clay kills himself to kill the GM

    The GM linked himself to Clay, so clay killed himself to stop the GM
  • Will and Henry go back to their time

  • Ivan brings Clay back from the dead

    Ivan brings Clay back from the dead, for the sole purpose of taking baby Jason and Jack for their powers.
  • Period: to

    Ivan takes control of the city within 5 days

  • Period: to

    Original Section of RP

  • Period: to

    Current section of RP

  • Briar travels to the future to stop Ivan

    Briar travels into the future to warn Will and Henry about Ivan.