Main Events In The History of Patent Medicine

By cdu2620
  • Publication of "Why Patent Medicines Are Dangerous"

    This Ladies' Home Journal article, written by Edward Bok, was one of the first articles against patent medicines. It faced many lawsuits. Note: No sources have an exact date.
  • Release of "The Great American Fraud"

    Muckraker Samuel Hopkins Adams releases his most famous article, "The Great American Fraud".
  • Passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act

  • US vs Johnson Case

    Note: Could not find a source with a specific date
  • Sherley Amendment

    Note: Could not find source with specific month and date.
  • Sulfanilamide Elixir Disaster

    Note: This disaster lasted longer than one day.
  • Wheeler-Lea Amendment Signed

  • Signing of Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act