Magic Johnson

By GBuck97
  • Magic Johnson's Birth

  • Magic Johnson Enters NBA Draft

    Magic Johnson decides to declare his eligibility for the NBA draft after a successful two year college career at Michigan State University.
  • 1980 NBA Finals

    Magic Johnson wins his first NBA Finals MVP award after leading the Lakers to a victory in the final game of the 7 game Finals series agasinst the Philadelphia 76ers. This made Johnson both the youngest person to win an NBA Finals MVP award and the first to do so as a rookie. Both of these records stand today.
  • 3rd NBA FInals MVP Award

    Johnson wins his 3rd and final NBA Finals MVP award.
  • 3rd NBA MVP Award

    Johnson wins his 3rd and final NBA Most Valuable Player award.
  • 1991

    Johnson founds his charity, the Magic Johnson foundation. The charity's goals included aiding in HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention and trying to lessen the education gap in urban communities throughout the United States.
  • Magic Johnson HIV announcement

    In a press conference, Magic Johnson announces that he has contracted HIV, and that he will retire from playing in the NBA.