• Madonna was born.

    Madonna was born.
    Madonna was born on August 16th 1958 in Bay City Michigan
  • Madonnas mother passed away.

    Madonnas mother passed away.
    Her mothers was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnacy with Madonnas youngest sister. December 1st 1963 at the age of 30 her mother passed away. Madonna was eight years old. "mothers teach you mannners and i absolutely did not learn any of those rules of regulations" -Madonna
  • Madonna dropped out of college.

    Madonna dropped out of college.
    Madonna dropped put of college to move to NYC after being in school for just two years. She then went to france and became a show girl, when she was there she fell in love with preforming and joined many bands.
  • Madonnas first solo ever.

    Madonnas first solo ever.
    Madonna had stepped away from being in bands and went to be by herself and went solo for the first time in her life and then she made her first single "everybody"
  • Her first marriage.

     Her first marriage.
    Sean penn was her first husband they were married only for four years 1885-1889, he was a big influence in her work and her singing.
  • 21 top 10 Hits of Madonnas life.

    21 top 10 Hits of Madonnas life.
    in 1991 she acheived 21 top 10 hits ini the united statesand sold over 70 millon albums internationally which had sent her career in an amazing direction.
  • Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon Madonnas first daughter.

    Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon Madonnas first daughter.
    <a href='' > September 1994, Madonna met fitness trainer Carlos Leon in New York City's Central Park. The two became lovers, and on Oct. 14, 1996, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon was born. Even at a young age, the pop diva trained her daughter to become a future fashionista. In December 1999, the Material Mom and her then 3-year-old daughter were photographed arriving at a Versace fashion show in New York
  • Madonnas son was born, his name is Rocco.

    Madonnas son was born, his name is Rocco.
    Madonnas only child with her ex husband guy ritchie. Was born on august eleventh in the year 2000. Madonna did not give any details about where or when she had the baby all we know is that it was in america and it changed her life to hold another baby in her arms agian.
  • Madonna adopts two children.

    Madonna adopts two children.
    Her first adopted child is called David Banda Mwale Ciccone Richie, however he used to be called David Banda Mwale, before he was adopted. Madonna filed for divorce on October 10, 2006 Her second adopted child, is a girl called Chifundo 'Mery' James.
  • Madonna voted Wealthiest Woman.

    Madonna voted Wealthiest Woman.
    named females wealthiest female musican by forbs magazine Females wealthiest woman was Madonna in 2008 she was named this by forbs magazine.
  • She apeared in the 2012 half time show.

    She apeared in the 2012 half time show.
    Madonna had not prefromed since 2008 and she sang some of her old songs. 114 millon people watched this, thats the highest rating in super bowl history.
  • Madonna has gone viral.

    Madonna has gone viral.
    She became the first viral master of pop history years before the internet was made Madonna was still everywhere.
    MSNBC- " It was worth nothing before Madonna, before Madonna most mega stars were guy rockers and after her almost the whole world became female artists.
  • Quote number one.

    "There were always preists or nuns at my house" -Madonna this shows that she was very religous and was brought up a religous way.
  • Quote number two.

    "Mothers teach you manners and i absoulutely did not learn any of those rules or regulations" -Madonna This shows me she had a rough childhood and didnt have a mother figure to lead her in the right direction.
  • Quote number three.

    " i stand for freedom of expression, douing what you believe in, and going after your dreams" -Madonna
  • Quote number four.

    "power in being told you're not loved, and not being destroed by it." - Madonna this is my favorite quote by her she really changed my whole perspective of her from just a singer and a idol to someone who has been through things that made her stronger and changed her.