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  • when body form

    when body form
    Heart beats regularly. Eyes and ears begin to form.Lu311 . "liz." Online Image. Morgue File. 5/9/09. 2/19/12
  • heart forms

    heart forms
    Heart develops right and left chambers.wax115 . "heart." Online Image. Morgue File. 5/2/06. 2/19/12
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    When i was a Fetus

  • bones form

    bones form
    Bones are visible. Heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope.
    clarita . "skull ." Online Image. 10/28/08 . 2/17/12
  • fingerprints form

    fingerprints form
    ENDTAB . Online Image. Morgue File. 6/4/08. 2/17/12
  • eyelids

    Eyelids can open and weight can be up to 6.6 pounds.

    nasirkhan. "eyelids." Online Image. Morgue File. 4/24/10. 2/19/12
  • learning to do things

    learning to do things
    A baby can hold its head up and reach for objects.hogg . "louis sitting." Online Image. Morgue File. 7/28/08. 2/19/12
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  • when i meat my best friend

  • when my sister was born

    when my sister was born
  • My first cruise

    My first cruise
    M42, Online Image. Morgue File. 3/11/06. 2/17/12
  • Ovulation in females and sperm production in males begins.

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  • when my baby brother was born

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  • crawling

    Infant begins to crawl.
    ccmackay . Online Image. Morgue File. 7/6/07. 2/19/12
  • skin gets wrinkled

    skin gets wrinkled
    Skin starts to become wrinkled.
    alvimann. Online Image. Morgue File. 10/23/11. 2/19/12
  • Aging begins.

  • Aging

    Aging becomes more noticeable and progresses rapidly.