Luv Ya Bunches- By Jerika

By jerika
  • Bumping Into Each other

    All four girls either take a stumble or just watch at school. Katie rose acidentally hits Yasaman who falls. Camilla happens to be right behind Yasaman and falls with her. Violet is just a by stander
  • Tally the turtle

    After the fall Violet finds a small bobble head turtle. The turtle is Camilla's good luck charm. Violet does not know that yet.
  • Project

    Everyone in the 5th grade is assigned to a greek mythology topic. There is also going to be a potato olympics.
  • Website

    Yasaman tells Katie-rose about a website she made. Yasaman also said that she could also chat on the website. Katie-rose wants to join immediately .
  • Club

    Camilla has 2 (sorta) friends. their names are modessa and quin. Modessa and quin are 2 mean girls and they want to create a club. Exclusive clubs aren't allowed at the girls' school.
  • Presentations

    Violet, who has tally, decides to put the turtle where modessa is sitting.(since she thinks that modessa and camilla are REALLY good friends.) when modessa finds the turtle she doesn't give it back to camilla.
  • Accusations in the potato olympics

    When Modessa goes to her cubby hole to get her potato she secretly slips tally the turtle into Katie-Rose's backpack. Katie-rose is later acused for stealing tally.
  • Clearing it up

    A few days after the incedent happend Katie-Rose talked to Camilla. After a lot of explaining Camilla finally forgave Katie-Rose. Camilla decided that she won't be friends with modessa or quin again.
  • Ice cream social

    At an Ice cream party all the girls plan to take "revenge" on modessa and quin. Modessa and quin get in trouble for having an exclusive club and the girls (modessa and quin) never bothered the foursome again.