lucy's timeline

  • The French and Indian War

    seven year of war.
  • Stampt Act

    Stampt Act
    the congress pass a law that requires only certain amount of documents such as newspapers, business, and legal document
  • The Gaspee Affair

    The Gaspee Affair
    a Son of Liberty
  • Bostin Tea Party

    Bostin Tea Party
    the colonies got angry and decided to throw away all the teas into the ocean
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    as a army George Washington is one of the uniqu perosn who everyone seemed to look up to him as he is a good leader of the army. Also our first president in US history
  • The Virginia Declaration of Right

    Virginia's Declaration of Right is about making thier own laws and threw aways British law
  • US Constitution

    US Constitution
    US made thier own law what is fair to people and liberty, justice, and happiness
  • the Sugar Act

    to reduce to tax payment to england