Lucille Ball

  • Lucille Was Born

    Lucille Was Born
    Lucille Desiree Ball was born on August 6,1911 in Jamestown NY to Henry and Desiree Ball .
  • Dad's Dealth

    Dad's Dealth
    Lucille's dad died in 1915 .That was Lucille's first memory .
  • Fred is Born

    Fred is Born
    Lucille's brother is born .
  • Lucille's Mom's New Life

    Lucille's Mom's New Life
    Lucille's mom go remarried to Ed Peterson. Ed did not like kids so he left her famiy and Lucille had to go move in wih Ed's mother.
  • Reunited

    Finally ,when Lucille was 11 she got reunited with her mother and Ed.
  • Something Big

    Something Big
    When Lucille was 15 she wanted to do something big with her life ,so she went to New York City drama school. Lucille loved to be on the stage , but she didn't want to be noticed.
  • Staying in New York City

    Staying in New York City
    In 1927 Lucille's mother got a note from the school saying "Lucy's wasting her time and our time .She's to shy and reticent to put her best foot foward." She stayed in New York and became a model Hattie Carnegie.
  • New Hair

    New Hair
    Lucille dyed her hair from chestnut to blonde. And moved to Hollywood.
  • Work Soon Followed

    Work Soon Followed
    Work soon followed .Lucille was One of the twelve "Goldwyn Girls," and she was also in Roman Candles and The Three Muskateers .
  • Stage Door

    Stage Door
    Lucille got a part in Stage Door starring as Katherine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers.
  • Desi Arnaz

    Desi Arnaz
    In the movie called Dance,Girl,Dance, Lucille met Desi Arnez and before the year was over they fell in love and married.
  • Success

    Lucille dyed her hair again and started a radio comedy with Desi Arnaz called My Favorite Husband. Nothing was really happening in Lucille's real life so she walked out on My Favorite Husband ,and started I Love Lucy. And then came success.
  • Lucie Desiree Arnaz

    Lucie Desiree Arnaz
    Lucie Desiree Arnez was born on July 17,1951
  • I Love Lucy

    I Love Lucy
    I Love Lucy was on televisoin with audience around the country.
  • Desi Jr.

    Desi Jr.
    Desi Arnaz Jr. was born on January 19,1953.
  • Desilu Production

    Desilu Production
    While I Love Lucy ended Desilu Production started making more T.V. shows lke Our Miss Brooks, Make Room for Daddy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Untouchables, Star Trek, and Mission Impossible.
  • Seperation

    Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz got a divorce after 20 years together.
  • Remarried

    Two years after Lucille was divorced she got remarried to Gary Morton.
  • Bought Desilu Productions

    Bought Desilu Productions
    Lucille became the first woman to run a major T.V. production after Gary bought Desilu Productions from Desi .
  • Selling Desilu Productions

    Selling Desilu Productions
    Lucille sold Desilu Productions to Gulf-Western for $17 million.
  • Rewards

    Lucille got many awards like she was the first woman to receive International Radio and Television Society's Gold Medal. She also won four Emmys and also went into the Television Hall of Fame.
  • Stone Pillow

    Stone Pillow
    Lucille played a dramatic part in the movie called Stone Pillow as a homeless girl.
  • Last Television Role

    Last Television Role
    Life With Lucy was one of the last real television shows Lucille was in. This show made 2.3 million dollars. After the eighth episode it was cancelled.
  • Bye Lucille

    Bye Lucille
    Lucille dyed of ruptured aorta followed by open-heart surgery in los Angeles, California.