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Louis Tomlinson's career

  • Birth of Louis Tomlinson

    Birth of Louis Tomlinson
    Louis William Tomlinson was born on December 24, 1991
    He was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England
    Fun fact; When he was child, he always thought that Christmas lights were for his brithday
  • Louis on XFactor

    Louis on XFactor
    When he was 18 yo, Louis auditioned for The X Factor with " Hey There Delilah", it was his third time auditioning and his first time proceeding to the television judges stage
    After his audition he was involved in a boyband called "One Direction"
  • Louis In One Direction

    Louis In One Direction
    After all, in 2011 alredy formed as a band they released their first single called "What makes you beautiful" managing debut number 1 on all the UK charts
    Songs he wrote: "Everything About You" "Same Mistakes" Taken"
  • Take Me Home Tour

    Take Me Home Tour
    In this year their second studio album was confirmated, the first singles "Lives While We're Young" and "Little Things" were released
    Songs that Louis wrote for this album were "Back for You" "Last First Kiss" "Still the One" and "Summer Love"
    The song he liked more was " Loved You First"
  • Midnight Memories

    Midnight Memories
    In 2013 One Direction had tha take me home- Up All Night tour in which managed to complerely fill Madison Square Garden Stadium
    Also in this year One Direction realed their third album called Midnigth Memories and the first album to venture into American market. With this album they experimented with sound they never had being Louis who wrote most song and hits
    for expample: Story Of My Life, Midnight Memories
  • Four, Mom's wedding

    Four, Mom's wedding
    This year Louis' mom Jhoannah got married and was announced had released the fourth studio album called Four, in this album the main singles were Steal my girl and Night Changes
    Songs he wrote: "Change Your Ticket" "Clouds" "Fireproof" "Fool's Gold" "No Control" "Night Changes" "Ready To Run" "Spaces" "Steal My Girl"
    Personally I consider this the best album, I always listen this album video:
  • Goodbye Malik, Made In The A.M.

    Goodbye Malik, Made In The A.M.
    Zayn Malik (Louis' best friend) leaving the band left the future up in the air for the remaining four members
    Also was the last concert he gave with the band
    And in this years was realeased the last album "Made In The A.M." with singles like Drag Me Down, History and Perfect
    Songs he wrote: "A,M." "End of the Day" "History" "Love You Goodbye" "Perfect" "What a Feeling" "Home"
  • Solo Career

    Solo Career
    In April Louis started his own record label, an imprimint of Simon Cowell's Syco labe. In late 2015 Louis served as a guest judge on The X Factor UK
  • Just Hold On

    Just Hold On
    Louis released Just Hold On a collaborating with Steve Aoki. The track doubled as a ttribute to Louis's mom who passed away after a battle with cancer. Just Hold On reached #1 on iTunes in 40 countries and debouted #2 on the UK Singles Chart Video:
  • Back To You

    Back To You
    Louis Won his first solo BPI Award as Just Hold On Had gone Silver.
    In this date louis released his debut solo single Back To You ft Bebe Rexha. The Song reached the top 10 in the UK and was top 30 singles worldwide. Louis released two more singles "Just like me" and "Miss you".
    At the 2017 MTV EMAs louis won Best UK/Ireland Act. Videos:
  • Louis The Judge

    Louis The Judge
    Louis won Best Solo Breakout at the 2018 iHeart Radio Awards. In july the x Factor (UK) announced Louis would serves as judge for the series fiftheenth seanson. He would go on to win the series, with his contestant Dalton Harris
  • New Era / Sad Time

    New Era / Sad Time
    A single titled "Two of Us"was released on 7 march. Six days later Louis' 18 yo sister Felicite passed away. In September Louis realesed a single titled "Kill My Mind" and performed at the Cocacola Music Expeience Festival in Madrid. Louis began to prepare for his album releassed two more singles titled "We Made It" and "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" were premiered in October and Novemer respectively
  • Walls

    Louis' debut solo album Walls was released on 31 juanuary 2020. The album received mixes reviews but performed well, reaching #1 on iTunes in over 25 Countries.
  • Walls Tour

    Walls Tour
    Louis initially embarked on two date of his solo world tour before the Covid-19 global pandemic forced him to redchedule to 2022
  • Bye Syco

    Bye Syco
    Louis announcedon Twitter that he had parted ways with Syco Music. He was congratulated by many industry peers and several celebratory hashtags trended wordlwide
  • Digital Concert

    Digital Concert
    Louis held a digital concert, which sol over 160,000 tickets, breaking records as the most live streamed concert for a male solo artist of the years and third overall. The proceeds went to various charities such as FareShare Crew Nation, Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, Stagehand, as well as to tour crew who were struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Copy of a Copy of a Copy

    Copy of a Copy of a Copy
    He debuted a new song titled "Copy of a Copy of a Copy" during this concert
  • Tour 2022

    Tour 2022
    Tomlinson Announced that he had signed a global deal with BMG to release his second album. He also announces his world tour would be rescheduled to february 2022
  • The Away From Home Festival

    The Away From Home Festival
    In August, Louis staged a free concert titled Away From Home in London. Over 10,000 people attended and upcoming acts Jess Iszatt, BILK and The Snuts also played sets. Tomlinson debuted a new song titled "Change" during the concert. Away From Home was streamed online on 4 September, along with a behind the scenes documentary.
  • Past and Present

    Past and Present
    In the past he had a reputation for being a partying, irresponsible person. In general he had a bad image that I don't think of but now he is a more responsible person, he is still just as friendly and good person. He got closer to his fans and worried about them. Musically his songs are deeper and he is a little more introverted than when he started. He had a hard road but that's what makes him brave and better. Mature too much and I think he's the best at what he does