• Lorde Birth

    Ella Yelich O'Connor (Lorde) was born (Lorde Biography).
  • Lorde Interview

    Lorde Interview
    In the radion interview on october 2nd of 2013, Lorde talks about how her road to fame has not been easy and she has worked very hard for her success. She also talks about how since she's so young her life is just begining and everything is a journey and she's learning so many things that are aiding her in her creation of music and her determination for success (Wpljfm).
  • Lorde Speech

    Lorde Speech
    The speech Lorde gave on January 26th of 2014, was after she won a Grammy for her song "Royals". This is so important because it was a major, pivotal moment in her life that showed how succesful and talented she really is (The GRAMMYs).
  • Lorde Concert

    Lorde Concert
    A large part of Lorde's life is performing at concerts around the world so she can share her music live with her fans. On march 12th of 2014 Lorde sang in the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago and I attended the concert and took this picture. She was singing her most popular song "Royals" which has won many awards including Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Song and many others (Petersen).
  • Lorde Concert Video

    Lorde Concert Video
    Lorde has a unique way of entertaining a crowd which is shown in the video of Lorde singing "Team" at one of her concerts that I went to on March 12th of 2014. She has performed many shows and you can see how experienced she is by the comfort she has on the stage. Her song "Team" is very widely known and played on mayn radio stations (Petersen).
  • Letter Written By Lorde

    In this letter written on November 7th of 2014, Lorde's personality and morals are clearly evident. She has strong family values and she talks about how much she misses her family and how she wishes she could spent her 17th birthday with them. Also she talks about how blessed she is to have the opportunity to sing and create music for all her fans and thorugh all the hecticness of it she would never have changed anything (Geslani).