Looking For Alaska Timeline

  • 136 days before

    Miles' going away party. 2 people show up
  • 128 days before

    Miles arrives at Culver Creek, where he meets Chip "The Colonel" Martin and Alaska. Miles also gets the nickname "Pudge".
  • 127 days before

    Miles meets "The Eagle" and Takumi. He also eats his first Bufriedo.
    During the Night, Kevin and other Weekday Warriors duct tape Miles and throw him in the lake. This makes the Colonel and a few other non-weekday warriors very angry.
  • 126 days before

    The Colonel wakes to find the guys who dumped Miles in the lake also pissed in his shoes. It is also the first day of school.
  • 122 days before

    Miles meets The Colonel's girlfriend, Sara, and discovers the friction between the two.
  • 110 days before

    Miles and Alaska get kicked out of class, and after class smoke with The Colonel and Takumi. Alaska says she "Smokes to die".
  • 108 days before

    Pudge stays after class with Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde tells him that he should be present with everything in his life.
  • 109 days before

    Colonel and Pudge attend the first basketball game, where Kevin offers them a truce, which they decline. Colonel tells pudge about how he gets kicked out of every basketball game.
  • 101 days before

    Alaska takes a group of students to McDonald's. Miles meets Lara.
  • 100 days before

    Alaska explains her name, and says she's not the kind of person to talk about the futurre, but rather go out and do it.
  • 99 days before

    ALaska, Miles, Takumi, and Colonel get caught smoking.
  • 98 days before

    THe group that got caught smoking go to 'court' and get sentanced to do 10 hours work in the cafeteria.
  • 89 days before

    Alaska sets Miles up with Lara on a date with herself and Jake, and The Colonel and Sara
  • 84 days before

    It starts raining, and Lara says it's no big deal that Miles puked on her.
  • 76 days before

    Mr. Hyde assigned their first semester final - "What is the most important question that humans have to answer?"
  • Page 72

    Takumi tells Pudge that Alaska ratted on Paul and Marya.
  • 87 days before

    They go on their date, starting at the basketball game. While the Colonel is trying to get kicked out, Pudge gets hit in the head with a basketball and gets a concussion. He then pukes on Lara. Miles spends the rest of the date at the hospital with LAra and Takumi. The Colonel breaks up with Sara.
  • Page 90

    The Colonel has Pudge over for Thanksgiving. Pudge learns just how poor the Colonel is and how rough his life is.
  • Page 97

    Pudge and Lara make out after their pre-prank, despite Pudge puking up on her a few weeks earlier.
  • Page 137

    Alaska convinvces Pudge and the Colonel to helpo her get off campus for an unknown reason.
  • Page 119

    Alaska invents the drinking game 'best day/worst day' and she tells her friends all about her worst day ever.
  • After

    The Eagle wakes up Miles and The Colonel for a morning assembly. They quickly find out that Alaska died in a car accident.
  • Most of the 'After' Section

    Miles and the Colonel spend the next couple months investigating Alaska's death. They needed a from of closure. They visit the crash site, the police station, they call Jake, and they look through her copy of The General in his Labrynth.
    Miles also starts to ignore Lara.
  • The Flower by the Payphone

    Pudge notices the flower Alaska had drawn beside the payphone while she was talking to Jake the night she drove away. Pudge thinks it must be a clue as to why she had the flowers in her car.
  • Prank for Alaska

    The Colonel and Pudge (and with a little help from Pudges dad) put aside their differences with the Weekday Warriors to pull of a prank dedicated to Alaska. The eagle lets them go because there was no way to hold them individually responsible.
  • Takumi's Note

    Takumi leaves a note for Miles and the Colonel saying that Alaska forgot to leave the flowers by her mothers grave. That is why she had the plactic flowers in her car.