Looking for alaska 1

Looking for Alaska by John Greene

  • 136 days before

    136 days before
    Miles, a teenaged boy who lives in Florida, will soon be leaving for his new boarding school,in Alabama is having a goodbye party that's been insisted by his mother. What Miles's mother doesn't understand is that he has no friends. So, the last Friday comes along and out of all the invitations sent, two people, which was a geat suprise to Miles, came. A breif conversation was made, but after that it was over. The family of three then sat on the couch in the living room, ate, and watched TV.
  • 128 days before

    128 days before
    Miles has now arrived to Culver Creek Preparatory School and meets his roommate, Chip. Chip isn't adressed by is real name at school, insted he is called "the Colonel". Once the Colonel's nickname is mentioned Mile's is given the nickname Pudge, due to his skinny body structure. The two get talking and share what they are known for. Pudge is known for knowing people's last words and the Colonel is known for memorizing things.
  • 128 days before

    128 days before
    Pudge and the Colonel go to the beach ( the one at the school ) and the Colonel hands him a cigarette. Pudge is smoking for the first time! His first experience with a cigarette was not very fun and it contained a lot of coughing, weezing, and him trying to catch his breath. It was not enjoyable.
  • 128 days before

    128 days before
    The Colonel introduces Pudge to Alaska, and Pugde finds her quite attractive. The night they met, Pugde went to the swing set where Alaska and him just chilled. He got to know her a bit better and the two had an actual conversation, something Pudge wasn't so capabel of doing before. Pudge also had a happy moment at the swings because of the compliment Alaska made about him being cute. His feelings for Alaska are becoming more stronger, even though he knows that she alreafy has a boyfreind.
  • 127 days before

    127 days before
    One morning, Pudge was woken up pby three guys, two that he had not known of and one being Kevin. The two anonymous guys grabbed Pudge, followed Kevin out the door and to the schools beach. They then began to "mummify" Pudge with ducktape, and after that process was completed they threw him in the lake. Thankfully Pudge had a brain and was able to make it back to the shore. He didn't die!
  • 122 days before

    122 days before
    The Colonel haas a date with his girlfreind and parents. When it is about time to leave his girlfreind makes a rude comment and the Colonel get's pissed off and has a fight with her (verbally)
  • 110 days before

    110 days before
    Dr.Hyde see's Pudge staring out the window, gets a little annoyed and tells him to go out of class. Alaska thinks that what Mr.Hyde did to Pudge was wrong, so she stood up, said a couple personal thoughts on the situation, and left with Pudge out of the classroom. She stood up for Pudge, just like a good freind would.
  • 110 days before

    110 days before
    After Mr. Hydes class Alaska, Pudge, the Colonel, and Takumi went to the smoke hole. At the smoke hole Alaska made a comment and said " Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die."
  • 99 days before

    99 days before
    Just like almost everyday, Alaska, Pudge, the Colonel, and Takumi went to the smoke hole and smoked, this time they hurd a branch break. It was the Eagle. Because of the no smoking rule in the school, the four of them had to go to Jury the next day.
  • 89 days before

    89 days before
    Alaska finally found Pudge a girlfreind. It was the cute sophmore girl that had an accent, who sat on his lap the other day when Alaska took a group of kids to McDonalds. Her name was Lara.
  • 87 days before

    87 days before
    Pudge finally see's/meets Jake, Alaska's boyfrreind, and it's the first time Pudge has ever seen Alaska kiss someone.
  • 87 days before

    87 days before
    During the triple date at the B-ball game, Pudge got hit in the head with a basket ball and got a concussion. Lara came rushing to see if he was okay, and then Pudge threw up all over her jeans. She was slightly disscusted, but to nice to spaz out.
  • 67 days before

    67 days before
    Takumi and Pudge go for a smoke together and Takumi tells Pudge who ratted about Marya and Paul, and the whole story related to it. It was Alaska who ratted.
  • 58 days before

    58 days before
    Pudge makes the final desision to stay behind with Alaska for Thanksgiving. There will be no Takumi, no Lara, not even the Colonel, just the two of them.
  • 51 days before

    51 days before
    Alaska and Pudge go into Kevin (and his other rooates) dorm room ti see what kind of pranks could be done, to repay for what they did to Alaska.
  • 47 days before

    47 days before
    The Colonel comes back to the school and asks Alaska and Pudge if they want to come to his trailer for Thanksgiving. The two accept his invitation. The food was amazing, and they all had a great time meeting the Colonel's mom, and just spending time together.
  • 8 days before

    8 days before
    Alaska, Pudge and the Colonel come back from Christmas break, and Alaska has a great idea of how to prank Kevin and his buddies.
  • 44 days before

    44 days before
    Alaska comes sobbing into Pudge's room. He knows it's about the Marya ratting situation, but why the crying now? The reason why she was crying was because she told the Colonel about it and he said that he can no longer trust her on her own.
  • 3 days before

    3 days before
    Pudge finally takes the final step to his relationship with Lara. He asks her if she wanted to be his girlfriend during the middle of a makeout sesion. Her answer was a yes.Pudge also recieves his first kiss (french kiss) from Lara, and they share a sleeping bag together on the cold night in the barn.
  • 3 days before

    3 days before
    After the long day (Pre-prank day) every one went back to the barn and drank (Alchole). Tehn they decided to go around in a circle and tell each other the very best days they've ever had, and their worst. Alaska's worst day, the day when her mom died, reveals a lot of reasons why she acts the way she does.
  • the last day

    the last day
    Alaska, the Colonel and Pudge spent a night together in Alaska's room. Her and the Colonel did a lot of drinking, but Pudge didn't bother to. After a lot of drinking Alaska suggested for everyone to play truth or dare. so they did. Pudge went first and chose dare. Alaska dared him to hook up with her and then they began kissing. To be morepecific they were making out hard core with each other.
  • the last day before

    the last day before
    Alaska comes running into the room, sobbing, and she says that she has to leave. She convinces the guys to help her leave the campus by telling them to set off firecrackers. They did it and she left, completly drunk.
  • The day after

    The day after
    Every member of Culver Creek was gathered to the gym to here of something terrible. Alaska had gotten into a car crash and was killed instantly. The entire crowd blew out into sadness, some with more emotion others with less. Miles couldn't believe it at first. After little fresh air, he finally realized the situation. The pain began as he saw his freinds drowning in his tears, as he saw the Colonel screaming at the top of his lungs for forgivness from Alaska, even though she could'nt answer.
  • four days after

    four days after
    The Colonel returns from an 84 mile walk. He retured pale, ice cold and extremly tired. His anger level dropped down, and his knowledge with places on a whole new higher level.
  • 6 days after

    6 days after
    Funeral day finally arrived. Alaska's casket was closed and her father was there, a fat man with Alaska's eyes, but eyes filled with sadness, and deep grey under eye circles. Not being able to see her one last time really left Pudge feeling sad. Her physical image alredy earasing his mind, and not being able to see her left him hopeless for remembering.
  • 7 days after

    7 days after
    The Colonel and Pudge went into Alaska's room to clean up any items that her aunt (the one who was coming to take her stuff) wouldn't want to see. Pudge found the "The general in his Laberyinth" and he notices that she wrote something inside. The answer to how to get out of the Laberyinth was srtaight and fast. Now a buch of curiosities pop up in Pudges head. Was it suicide? Was she extremly drunk?
  • 13 days after

    13 days after
    Pudge and the Colonel went to the Pelham police department to find out more information on Alaska's death. They were able to get the cop who's cruiser was smashed by Alaska. He said that she went straight for the car, that her BAL was point 24 (very high) and that in the back seat there were a batch of white tulips. The tulips were the one's that Jake sent her.
  • 20 days after

    20 days after
    Pudge and the Colonel have a fight. The Colonel beleives that Pudge trully doesn't care about her. Pudge was sick of the way that the Colonel was treating him, so he stood up for himself and told the Colonel to knock it off. The reason to why it all started was because the Colonel wanted to call Jake to see if he could answer any of their questions and Pudge didn't want to call Jake.
  • 27 days after

    27 days after
    Pudge and the Colonel wanted to test out how drunk Alaska really was whe she crashed, so they palnned a trick on the Eagle to steal his breathalyzer without him knowing. Once they got it, the Colonel drank booze and blew into the breathalyzer until it reached point 24. The Colonel admited it. Point 24 was really drunk.
  • 29 days after

    29 days after
    The Colonel called Jake to get more information on Alaska's death case. Takumi and Pudge were in room 43 at the time. After the Colonel came in and tod the two of what had happend. he said that she'd been doodling when she called Jake and then she began freaking/crying and that she had to go, and that she would talk to him later.
  • 37 days after

    37 days after
    Pudge accedently bumps into Lara and she seems like an emotional wreck. Both sad and mad.
  • 46 days after

    46 days after
    Pudge finally got the guts to go up to Lara and talk/ask for forgivness. She ended up forgiving him and they were able to talk to each other about true feelings and how things have been the last little while.
  • 62 days after

    62 days after
    While talking to his mom on the payphone, Pudge notices a doodle of white daisy's, he continues to stare at them, when finally it hits him. Alaska drew that doodle when she was talking to Jake. One step closer to Alaska's death mystery.
  • 69 days after

    69 days after
    Pudge, Lara and the Colonel decide that in memory of Alaska, they would plan a prank. One that she would do, if her life was spared. Once the prank would be completed and the students ask who planned it out, they would say "Alaska did". Anyways, it was one of her origonal plans.
  • 84 days after

    84 days after
    Pudge asks his dad if he could help him and his friends setup a prank by calling the Eagle and asking if he could be the volunteer speaker9 he would be given a fake name, and he wouldn't actually go to the school event) His dad agree's and the plan is on its way to sucess.
  • 102 days after

    102 days after
    The plan is in place. Pudge's dad called the Eagle, the Eagle agreed for him to come, and thenit was time to go looking for the real man who would come to the event. They found one and he was a male stripper named Maxx. In order for Maxx to come each Junior Culver creek student was asked to pitch in $5. At the end they raises $320. Maxx came to school that Friday afternoon, did as the scripped told him to and them he ripped his clothes off. It was a success.
  • 114 days after

    114 days after
    Takumi mentioned the date of Alaska's death, January 10th, and then he mentioned January 9th, the day Alaska and her mom went to the zoo. PUdge began to freak out, and then the Colonel, who was around them at the time, began freaking out as well. They were able to connect the dots with the white flowers, her freaked out conversation with Jake and the most of the reason why she died. Her mother died 8yrs that day that's why she left, to put flowers on her grave stone.
  • 122 days after

    122 days after
    In religions class dr.hyde suggests the class to go outside. Out there he handed out the students final exams, and as Pudge looked at the exam it said" how will you personally get out of this laberyinth of suffering. It was Alaska's question.
  • 136 days after

    136 days after
    It was the day before the final day when everyone would leave home for the summer. Pudge still didn't finish writing dr.Hydes final exam. Ashe walked into his dorm room he noticed a paper on his desk. It was from Takumi, and the whole time he knew why Alaska left. he wrote the letter telling of the information and he also mentioned sorry for not telling them sooner. Know Pudge then began to write his religion exam.