Looking for Alaska

  • Chapter1

    Miles goes to his new boarding school meets his roomate Chip aka Colonel and Colonel introduces Miles aka Pudge to Alaska and Miles gets a new habit. Smoking.
  • Next

    The Colonel plans a prank on kevin and the weekdays after he finds out they tied up pudge and almost killed him.
  • After that

    Pudge and "the gang" go to smoke in the woods a drink, and then he meets lara
  • Thanksgiving

    Alaska convinces pudge to stay at the campus with her for thanksgiving, they go through the weeekdays stuff put blue die in their gel.
  • Thanksgiving 2

    Colonel comes back to pick up alaska and pudge to go eat dinner with him and his mom
  • Closer

    Alaska and Pudge seem to have this "invisible" relationship where they both seem to like each other but they don't do anything about it
  • Dating

    Pudge seems to want Lara so he asks her out, she says "yeeees"
    and then she wants to give pudge a blowy .
  • Prank

    Pudge and Takumi light off firecrackers to get the eagle to chase them so Colonel and alaska could send progress reports to the weekday warriors saying that they are failing
  • Drunky mc drunk

    Pudge Alaska and the Colonel are getting drunk in the barn and Alaska dares pudge to make out with her. So he did.
  • Bad Idea

    Alaska acts on Impulse drives her car and crashes it into the back of a cop car, she died instantly.
  • Post Prank

    Eagle goes up to Pudge, and Colonel and says "it's almost like she planned it" smiles and leaves
  • After

    Pudge takumi and colonel want to make alaska proud and prank the whole school so they get a Male Stripper (Eagle thinks he's a professor) to go on stage and dance in very little clothing