Looking For Alaska

By BP2014
  • Plot

    Title: Looking For Alaska
    Author: John Green
  • Exposition

    Setting: Culver Creek (school) located in Alabama
    Situation/climate: Alaska & her predicament
    Characters: Alaska, Pudge, Chip, Lara, Eagle
  • Pudge Arrives

    Pudge Arrives
    Pudge Arrives at Culver Creek with his family. He is about one of the first people to show up at the school. Pudge and his parents drove up from Florida.
  • Conflict

    Protagonist (Pudge) VS. Antagonist (Alaska)
    Alaska is always getting Pudge into trouble but he doesn’t admit that. Him smoking, drinking, pranking is mostly or partly because of Alaska.
  • Girlfriend

    Pudge gets a girlfriend. Alaska gets him together with Lara the Romanian. He goes along with it and he enjoys it. Communication becomes an issue with their relationship.
  • The Triple and a half Date

    The Triple and a half Date
    Alaska and her Boyfriend, Pudge and his Girlfriend, Coronel and his Girlfriend and Takumi.
    They all have a triple date and a half; Pudge gets a concussion.
  • No Smocking

    No Smocking
    Alaska & Colonel get caught smocking on school grounds by the Eagle. They are forced to do cafeteria work to pay off their violation.
  • The Barn Prank

    The Barn Prank
    The group plans a prank with fire crackers and the whole nine yards. They go all out the send progress reports home to the week day worriers.
  • Big mistake

    Big mistake
    Pudge & Alaska make out together in front of the colonel. Pudge tries to bring up to Alaska that there both in relationships with other people. She just disregards it and forgets about it.
  • Life is not what it seems

    Life is not what it seems
    Alaska’s death happens. She runs into a Police car head on no swerving or dogging. As it was put in the book she goes "strait and fast". Not even flinching.
  • Period: to


    They try to discover how and why Alaska Young died.
  • Resolution

    They discover what absented her the night of the crash and then their satisfied. It was the anniversary of her mother’s death. That is why she had gotten all upset. She always put flowers on her mother’s grave.
  • Theme

    The theme of the story are; enlightenment & acceptance.
  • Quote

    Acceptance: (Pg.170) "I can't say it any clearer: I don't want to know about them. I already know what she told me, and that's all I need to know." (Pg.165) "I just want it to be normal again he said you and me normal. Fun. Just normal. And I feel like if we knew-" Enlightenment: (Pg.114) "It occurred to me that she must already be drunk as I noticed the far off look in her eyes."(Pg.219) "So I still believe in the Great Perhaps, and I can believe in it in spite of having lost her.”