Looking For Alaska

By muho3
  • Lame Party

    Mile's parents throw him a party before attending his first year of highschool at a boarding school in Alabama.
  • Throw In

    Miles arives in Culver Creek and meet shis roomate, Chip the "Colonel" Martin.On his first night, Miles gets thrown into the lake by a few Weekend warriors. Miles escapes what could have been his drowning.
  • Period: to

    Looking For Alaska

  • 'Being Present" Lecture

    Miles gets kicked out of his class added with a lecture from his religion teacher Mr. Halter, on being present.
  • There Is A First Time For Everything

    Miles, The Colonel, Lara, Alaska and Takumi plan and carry out a huge prank involving fireworks on the Eagle and Miles and Lara start their relationship that same night.
  • Deep Down Darkness

    That same night, Alaska reveals what troubles her on the inside. One night as a child she found her mother on the ground having uncontrolable seizures. She froze out out of fear and did nohting but cry and stay put. Her father came home to his wife long dead on the floor and his daughter just sitting there. He blamed Alaska and now she has felt guilty for the death of her mother ever since.
  • The Next Step

    Miles and Lara push their relationship with Miles first sexual encounter even though Miles still only loves Alaska deep down. This creates the interesting love-triangle between Alaska, Lara and Miles.
  • Dream Come True?

    Miles and Alaska kiss for the very first time. This is exactly what Miles has been waiting for this entire time. They do not go any farther then that and go to sleep. Miles is awaken by Alaska's screaming that she "fu*^ed up" and has to leave and he lets her. In fact he aids her drive away to an unknown place furious and drunk.
  • Gone

    Miles and the Colonel find out that Alaska got in a car crash that previous night and died.
  • Officer

    Miles and the Colonel plan to talk to the officer that was on the scene of the incident. They find out that Alaska sped straight at the cop car, straight to her death without the slight bit of trying to meneuver out of the way. They still do not know wher she was headed or if she commited suicide..
  • Boyfriend

    After this new found evidence, Miles and the Colonel specifically pursue on talking to Alaska's off-campus boyfriend, Jake to see if he knew anything about her death but he did not.
  • Experiments

    Miles and the Colonel do several experiments such as stealing the Eagle's breathalyzer in an attempt to find out how much control the intoxicated Alaska might of had while driving.
  • The Finding

    Miles realizes that the night Alaska drove off and died, was the night of her mother's funeral. He realizes that, that is where she left because she was so upset that she forgot her mother's funeral. He realizes that he will never know if it was accident or if she killed herself on purpose and decides to accept that it does not matter anymore because at least he knows why she left.
  • In Loving Memory....

    Miles, the Colonel, Lara and Takumi pull of an end of the year amazing prank on the whole school in loving memory of Alaska. Alaska thought out this prank long before she died.
  • The End

    Miles hands in his essay in religion class answering Alaska's question, "How will we ever get out of this Labyrinth of suffering?" He answers, "by forgiving, we can find an escape out of this Labryrinth of suffering."