Lone Survivor True Story Timeline

  • New Country, New Orders

    New Country, New Orders
    A group of Navy SEALs arrive in Afghanistan for the battle against the Taliban. Lieutenant Commander Kristensen gives orders on how to execute their mission called "Operation Red Wings" Kristensen shows the SEALs where he wants them to be positioned. the timeline for their attack and the objective of the mission. But the SEALs haven't been told who will be executing the mission on the front line. Kristensen waits for the day of to tell them who is doing what job to make sure everyone is prepared
  • Executers and the Executed

    Executers and the Executed
    The day they start to execute Operation Red Wing is finally here and the commander announces who will be going out on foot to watch over the Taliban base. Those names are Marcus Luttrell, Danny Dietz, Michael Murphy and Mathew Axelsson. All of the other SEALs are very excited for the 4 of them and now everybody has a designated job that they know like the back of their hand. The plan is to get dropped off by plane a couple miles from the Hindu Kush region where the Taliban is. Undercover is key.
  • On the Run

    On the Run
    The SEALs decide to let them go. Immediately they abort their plan on the Taliban and save it for another day. they start making their way back to the spot they got dropped off at also looking to find service to use the radio to call back to the US Navy camp. About halfway back to the drop off spot. they stop to rest on a side of a rocky terrain ravine. They know it isn't a good spot to stop. One of them hurt their ankle bad from falling over. They think they have time to stop. but they do not.
  • The Goat of Ruining a Plan

    The Goat of Ruining a Plan
    The 4 SEALs get dropped off from the plane near the Hindu Kush region. now they have a couple mile hike to where they want their lookout area to be. After about an hour of sore ankles from the rough terrain they reach their spot on top of a ravine overlooking the Taliban camp. As they are waiting, one of the SEALs hear footsteps near him so they all take cover. A group of goat herders are walking by and the SEALs stay as quiet as possible. But a goat sees one of them. Now they have been spotted.
  • Important decision

    Important decision
    As the goat Herders find them and attempt to run, the four SEALs sprawl into action capturing them right away. But now they have a decision to make. Do they let them free, hoping they don't tell the Taliban and abort the mission. Or do they kill them and live with that kind of guilt for the rest of their lives because there is a good chance that they are not Taliban. They eventually decide to let them go and hope they are not Taliban. Once they are let go, the four SEALs make their run for it.
  • Guns Blazing

    Guns Blazing
    They are sitting and talking when all of a sudden, they hear footsteps and rocks falling not far from them. They take a quick peak over the rock they are hiding behind. They see a massive group of Taliban coming towards them, all armed with weapons. They try to keep quiet but when one starts to get to close to them they have to fire a shot. This gives away their hiding spot, and now everyone knows where they are. It quickly turns into an all out gun fight. The 4 SEALs are heavily outmanned.
  • Landslide

    As the Taliban keep on closing in on them closer and closer. The 4 SEALs have now choice but to fall back. They keep falling back until they reach a steep cliff. all of them have been shot and wounded, Dietz can't walk anymore, and he is left at the top of the cliff. Now there are only 3 left. They make it down the ravine with major injuries but Taliban keeps pushing them. They find a nice spot behind a rock. Unseen, but one of them as almost unconscious and yells out in pain. Now they are seen
  • Split Up

    Split Up
    Once the Taliban figure out where they are hiding again. It forces the 3 SEALs to split up in their own directions. Mathew Axelsson. Who is in the worst shape of the three can no longer walk and can hardly breathe. he takes his final shots until he is out of rounds. No he is helpless. A Taliban soldier finishes him off. Now only two out of the four Navy SEALs remain. Their names are Marcus Luttrell and Mike Murphy. They eventually meet up again after fighting off more Taliban by themselves.
  • The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice
    As Murphy and Luttrell find a hiding spot behind a rock, they have a hard but important talk. Murphy knows he isn't going to make it. So he starts handing the rest of his ammo to Luttrell. Luttrell denies it at first but then he accepts that this is what Murphy wants. Murphy starts climbing the Ravine in hopes of getting radio service. He gets to the top and makes the call back to Navy camp. As he sits at the top of the ravine. Murphy dies a hero in peace overlooking the Afghanistan forrest.
  • Last man standing

    Last man standing
    Once Murphy makes the call, the navy comes almost right away. Luttrell is ecstatic. Until one of the Taliban soldiers shoots an RPG inside one of the planes and start firing more shots at the other one causing them to abort the rescue. Luttrell starts to make a run for it. And he gets out of sight. He has been walking for a few hours when he finds a small river. After not having water for so long he runs up to the river and jumps in. but when he picks his head up he sees someone waiting for him.
  • Taliban or Samaritan?

    Taliban or Samaritan?
    Once Luttrell puts his head up he is immediately startled. He pulls out a gun but sees 3 children standing beside this man wearing a robe who looks like he is from the area. He asks who he is but the man doesn't speak English. The man offers his hand, Luttrell hesitates at first but eventually trusts him and takes his hand. he keeps asking who he is but the man doesn't understand. They start walking somewhere. But Luttrell doesn't know where he is going yet.
  • Temporary Home

    Temporary Home
    After some more walking with the unknown man, they get to a small village and the man takes him into his house he immediately starts to help. Some of the other villagers are looking at him strangely one even starts yelling at him. But Luttrell isn't scared of anything at this point. The mysterious man cleans him, gives him clothes and gives him food. The little boy that is with him is very curious about Luttrell. Luttrell tries telling him about himself. But to no avail.
  • Taliban is back

    Taliban is back
    As days pass, Taliban comes to the village where luttrell is hiding and they find him. They take him to a tree stump to decapitate him. But the villagers stand up for him. They tell the Taliban to leave. They do. But they say they will be back. Luttrell thanks the villagers over and over again. But everyone knows its just a matter of time before the Taliban comes back again with more backup.
  • Back Again

    Back Again
    More days pass, and Luttrell is resting in bed when he hears people shouting outside. he gets up as quickly as possible. The Taliban is back. The villagers are panicking. But just in the nick of time, multiple American aircrafts com flying over and soldiers are dropping onto the land to fight the Taliban. They could not have come any later. The soldiers fight off much of the Taliban. They immediately locate Luttrell and tell him he is going home.
  • Going Home

    Going Home
    The American soldiers locate Marcus Luttrell, and they tell him he's going home and he's going to be okay. But he makes sure he doesn't go anywhere until he thanks the man that saved him and the little boy. He wants them to come with. But they insist he stays. So Marcus ends up being the lone survivor. He is the one out of the 4 that get to go home to his family. and he feels extremely lucky.