Logistics and Supply Chain Management Revolution

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In History
  • -500 BCE

    Preludio de la logística

    "Logistikos", a term used in the 7th century BC, which in turn means "skilled in calculating" or "knowing how to calculate". In Greece in 489 BC.
    Modern logistics is attributed to Baron Antoine-Henri Jomini, who in his text Précis de lárt de la guerre.
  • 1200

    europe and the war for territorial dominance

    europe and the war for territorial dominance
    war between European clans in the dispute over territory that occurred in the 11th to 16th centuries AD
  • commercial civil logistics

    start of packaging (glass, cardboard, wood) of the products to be marketed, covering long distances
  • The conception of logistics French engineer, mathematician Jules Juvenel Dupuit

    concept that manages activities related to movement and storage in a coordinated manner, in addition to the perception of the usefulness of logistics as a generator of added value; when the French engineer, mathematician and economist Jules Juvenel Dupuit, establishes the idea of commercially associating inventory costs with transportation costs.
  • Scientific Management - Taylor

    Management emerges as a formal
    discipline of study and practice
  • collectively referred to as operations

    Writings on operations, worker productivity, and output metrics
  • Second World War

    shipment of large quantities of war supplies by the US to allied troops on the war front in Europe
    the allies learn to sustain their reserves of raw material from how to obtain it in large quantities for the production of war material
  • Modern era of finance is launched

    work by Harry M. Markowitz and others spawned a thought revolution on capital markets and financial management.
  • comprehensive logistics concept

    concentration of total costs as a systemic structure, increased effectiveness.
    balance cost - service concept
  • Modern thought in marketing principles and practices formulated

    Modern thought in marketing principles and practices formulated
    consumer behavior and the analysis of distribution systems became the focus of much business-related research.
    outsourcing concept
  • military logistics practices to the private sector

    military logistics practices to the private sector
    Accelerating trend by business to adopt
    principles of military logistics to
    distribution systems
    Just in time concept
  • human resource management and major emphasis on quality management

    human resource management and major emphasis on quality management
    Contemporary approaches to human
    resource management emerge
    Quality revolution
    1982 by Keith Oliver term supply chain management, El concepto fue ampliado por J. B. Houlihan en 1985 with information sharing and decision coordinating up and down a supply chain.
    Quick response concept
  • Council of logistics management

    Council of logistics management
    Explosive growth in logistics research and
    logistics emphasis in organizations.
    Improvement of conditions with customers and suppliers, establishing alliances between the latter
  • CounCil of logistics management

    The global supply chain forum
    firms began to differentiate themselves in terms of their logistics performance. Specifically, the focus of research and practice in logistics was in terms of employing the new information technologies
  • CounCil of logistics management

    modifies the concept of logistics.
  • CounCil of logistics management

    CounCil of logistics management
    Supply chain management revolution
    customer service levels, market share, and profits by focusing on
    organizational interconnectivity in terms of a supply chain.
    In 2005, the Council of Logistics Management changed its
    name to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
    2008, the concept of strategic planning of organizations.
    carries out the organization as a chain of producers and distributors, from the collection of the raw material to the final consumer

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