(LN) Harriet, Norma Johnston, non-fiction, 227 pages

  • 27 pages

    Lyman Beecher was a pastor. He moved around a lot, following the work. He married Roxana and they had a lot of kids. She died after having a baby but not getting better.
    pages 1-27 total-1158
  • 25 pages

    Harriet Porter became Lyman's new wife. Harriet Beecher was getting older and now she could attend Mrs. Pierce's school. She made her father proud by writing an amazing essay that was read at her graduating. Her sister Catherine invited Harriet to help her teach at her school.
    pages 28-52 total 1183
  • 22 pages

    Harriet started writing a play but her sister found out and got jelous and made her so busy that she couldn't continue. Harriet was becoming very depressed. After a while she slowly started to pull out of her depression. Lyman could not afford to stay in his house so he decided to move the family West where he got a job offer.
    Pages 53-74 total 1205
  • 25 pages

    The house that they moved into was in Cincinnati. Harriet and Catherine opened up a school for girls there and it became very secsussfull. Cholera had wiped out a lot of people but none of the Beechers. Harriet wrote a book and got invited to join the Semi-Colon Club where she secretly shared her new book ideas. She met a man named Calvin and fell in love.
    pages 75-100 total 1230
  • 42 pages

    Calvin and Harriet got married and got a house in Cincinatti. they had two twin girls named Hattie and Eliza. Then a boy named Henry was born. Harriet started writing again in her free time. Harriet turned 13. A baby Gorgania was born and Harriet fell into a depression. She was sent off to recover and came back and then Calvin did the same. Gorgaina died of cholera. Then they moved to Maine because they didn't have money. And they had another baby.
    pages 100-142 total-1272
  • 45 pages

    Harriett finished Uncle Tom's Cabin and got it published in book form. Everyone loved it! The money was rolling in and more copies were being made all the time. She noticed that a citation was still in the book and she tried to get it taken out but the publisher was to busy. Everyone loved ot so much that a man toook it to England and got rights on it there and got money for it. Harriet took a trip to England and discovered she was a celebery.
    pages 142-187 total-1317
  • 40 pages

    The civil war started. Fred Stowe inlistened in the army and was happy he did. On January 10, 1863, Lyman Beecher died. Fred Stowe was wounded in battle but not killed, so he was sent home. He had become an alcoholic. He moved to Flordia to do hands-on work. Harriet wrote a book to try and help her friend, Lady Byron, shinning a good light on her. But the book reviled what people didn't want to know so she was now hated by many people. On july first, 1896 she died.
    Pages 187-227 total 1357