(LN) City of lost souls, Cassandra Clare, fiction, 534 pages

  • 75 pages

    Jace escaped from the rooftop with Sebastion. Clary was tried as being guilty for raising Jace from the dead. She was let off without getting in trouble but the counsil chose to stop searching for Jace. Alec knows where Camille is and goes to see her because she said she knew how to help Alec and Magnus stay together with immortality.Camille doesn't plan to just give it to him.
    pages 1-75 total 1302
  • 77 pages

    Jordan forced himself on Maia and she ran away from him.Clary saw Jace and sebastion break into the institute and take a few demon books. jace was not himself. They were both friends. A week later Jace and Sebastion broke into Clarys house and tried to convince Clary to come with them. Joclyn found them and tried to kill sebastion but only cut him and they found out that if you hurt Sebastion Jace bleeds too. Luke got hurt badly trying to kill Sebastion.
    pages 76-152 total 1379
  • 76 pages

    Clary came up with a plan to go find out what Jace and Sebastion were up to by using faery rings that she stole from the institute. Simon is the only one that knows this. They can communicate by using them. Jordan and Maia come together to help Luke. Jace comes back for Clary just like she thought. he takes her away to Italy where Sebastion and him have been staying. Jace seems the same except how he is fine with Sebastion. Clary talks to Simon with the rings.
    pages 153-229 total 1455
  • 45 pages

    Alec/ Magnus, Issabelle and Simon raise the deamon Azazel to find a cure for Jace. Azazel's only solution is to let him out of the pentagram and imprison Sebastion himself. This would never work though because it is very bad to realease a demon intp the world. Issabelle lets Simon drink her blood. Clary talks with Sebastion and finds he seems normal. Jace and Sebastion are going on an errand and Clary convinces them to let her go with them.
    pages 229-274 total 1500