• The start.

    The start.
    As a society we were not always that wasteful. We used to reuse so much; from returning our milk bottles, to always using reusable bags. It wasn't until the modern days that plastic really became a thing.
  • Recycling

    This really started in the 1970s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyzQkL1jCAg
  • Urban Ore

    Urban Ore
    A shop called Urban Ore was created in California that was specifically made to show people how to avoid letting certain things enter the landfills. See what they are all about: http://urbanore.com/ !
  • Zero Waste International Alliance

    Zero Waste International Alliance
    In 2001 the first Zero waste international alliance was held to spread ideas about a better life with less waste.
  • The movement we all know

    The movement we all know
    In 2010 books began to come out and be published on how exactly one might so zero waste, and the benefits of doing so. Now we do not only have books that we are able to read about the lifestyle, but there are blogs, youtube channels, and so many other great resources that are promoting people to turn to a zero waste lifestyle. This is the story of how it all came to be: https://www.zerowaste.com/blog/what-is-it-who-started-the-zero-waste-movement/