Little Paradise

  • Changed her Name

    Mirabel is with her mum and they are arguing about whether or not she should change her name. In the end Mirbel won and she was allowed to changed it. The only condition was that she had to consult the soothsayer,
  • Period: to

    Little Paradise

  • Oracle Bone

    Mama takes Mirabel to the soothsayers' house to predict her future. She picks out a little bone. She gives the bone to the soothsayer and he engraves a riddle in to it. 'Dressing the dead,Treasure not wed, Lost on the sea, To fortune you'll flea'
  • Rose

    Rose recognises Mirabel from her history class. They have a bit of a talk and she gives advice about getting Mr Cochron to hand her painting book back. In the end Roses' advice helps and she gets her book back.
  • Mama

    Mama is very sick. It is implied that she is depressed. Mirabel's dad decides that they need to send her away again for her own good.
  • Mama's Secret

    Mirabel sees that her mum is outside. She goes out to give her company. Mama asks Mirabel what her name is. Mirabel responds Chen Ai Ling, but Mama says no. Mirabel asks her what she's talking about. She responds by telling her that 'I am not the person you think i am'.
  • Auntie May's Feet

    Mirabel takes Roes to see her Auntie May. She shows her bound feet. She explains to Rose that back in China girls with small feet were thought to be beautiful. She told her that when the men came to pick their wives, they would only look at their feet,
  • Chen Su Ting

    Mirabel is asked by her father to give a package to a man called Chen Su Ting. She later find out that her sister, Lola was also asked to give a package to same man.
  • Margo's 21st

    Margo is Mirabel's cousin and she helped design her dress for this event. Mirabel sees a chinese soldier who is also attending the party. During the party Margo gets a telegram saying that her husband, Harry was injured during combat is going to be sent home.
  • Fred

    It is a new year and Mirabel has finished school. She goes over to visit Margo and Harry. Over there a friend of Harry's, Fred, comes and visits too. It turns out Fred works at a mapping company. He offers Mirabel an interview
  • Mirabel a gets a job

    Mirabel goes to the interview and she gets the job. She meets two new friends, Jock and Murray.
  • Lieutenant Lin

    Lieutenant Lin and Captain Shen are invited over to Mirabels house by her father for dinner. Mirabel recognises the Lieutenant as the guy she saw at Margo's 21st.
  • The Day Out

    Mirabel is asked by her father to take Lieutenant Lin and Captain Shen out to explore Melbourne. It turns out that Captain Shen can't make it because of business. Lieutenant Lin comes to inform Mirabel of the inconvenience. Mirabel convices Lieutenant Lin to stay and come on the tour by himself. He tells her that she can call him JJ.
  • Jimmy gets Sick

    Jimmy gets sick and can only be cured with penicillin, but it's really hard to get. Mirabel misses JJ alot so she goes out to visit him. Once she sees him she tells him about Jimmy's condition. JJ says that he knows how he could get the medicine. In the end, Jimmy gets the medicine and he returns to his health. JJ and Mirabel start to secretly date.
  • Tasmania

    Mirabel and JJ goes to Tasmania without her parents knowing. Here is where they make passionate love.
  • JJ leaves

    JJ leaves to go back to China. JJ doesn't give Mirabel a passionate farewell because her parents don't know about their relationship.
  • Mama Reveals

    Mama reveals to Mirabel about her past. It turns out that she isn't Chen Ai Ling, but instead Dan Dan. Chen Ai Ling died before she could be wedded to Mirabel's father. Her mother took her place, but only if her family pays Chen Ai Ling's family a certian amount a month. This is the same person that Mirabel was asked by her father to give money to. The guilt of taking her dead friends place weighs her down and is the reason why she is now so depressed.
  • Pregnant

    Mirabel falls pregnant with JJ's child. She doesn't want to have it in fear of her father. Her Aunt May tells her otherwise and says ' .This baby is meant to be'. Mirabel doesn't agree and says that she has to have an abortion.
  • Abortion

    Mirabel goes and gets an abortion, but once she is there she relises that this is JJ's baby and she can't do it. She runs out of the place screaming. She's going to have to baby.
  • To Eva's house

    After telling her parents about her situation, Mirabel can't stand their looks anymore and decide to move to her friend's, Eva's, house until she has the baby.
  • Baby

    Mirabel gives birth to a baby boy and names him Bao Bao. Her parents come and ask Mirabel to come back home. She does, but she isn't allowed out of the house with Bao Bao or talk to people about him. Since she left her job at the mapping place, Mirabel will now have to work in the market place to make money to support her baby.
  • News

    Finally, after months of no response, JJ replys. It turns out that his father died. That's why he couldn't reply to her. In the letter he gives her a golden ring as a sign of their 'marriage'.
  • Plan

    Mirabel tells Rose about JJ's current situation. She tells her that she plans on moving to Shanghai to find him. She also tells her that she plans on helping her mother overcome her obligation to the Chen family.
  • The dress

    As a way of resolving Mama's illness, Mirabel decides to make a dress for her. Also, she goes over to where Mr Chen lives. He thinks that she is his dead daughter. She tells him to be a good father. Later on Mama gets a letter saying that they don't need to keep on giving him money since he'll be going back to China to live out the rest off the rest of his days.
  • Leaaving Melbourne

    Mirabel leaves Melbourne for Shanghai to find her love, JJ. Sh plans to stay at Roes's uncles house.
  • Shanghai

    Mirabel arrives in Shanghai. On her trip she meets two new people, Chrissy and Edward. they too, are going to Shanghai to start a family.
  • Rachel and Max

    Rachel and Max are Roes's relatives. They are a nice german family. They have a friend called Stefan. Mirabel asks Stefan if he could take her to a place where she knows JJ's brother once worked. She is hoping that through him she can find a link to JJ and find where he is.
  • Jin Yu

    Mirabel comes in contact with JJ's brother Jin Yu. He tells her where he is, but he warns her not to go to that part of China.
  • The Road to JJ's Village

    Mirabel takes a boat to Haimen. On the trip she gets stopped by soldiers who are finding communists. The people who are suspected to be communists are shot in the head. Everyone else are able to return to the bost and continue their journey. When the trip ends a man takes Mirabel to JJ's Village. She meets his mother and later JJ appears.
  • Married Life

    Mirabel and JJ are married now. The live in the city and have an apartment. Mirabel works at Murchison, Glass and Co, where she does filing and what not.
  • All Gone

    One by one everyone of Mirabel's friends are leaving. Some are leaving because they finally got given a Visa to get in Australia, and others are leaving in fear of the communist. They all try to convince Mirabel that she too, needs to leave, but she says that she'll be alright. JJ thinks that they should be leaving too.
  • Jin Yu's Death

    After a meeting gone horribly wrong, Jin Yu is killed because he supported the Communist party. JJ has to go back to his village and tell his mum about her now dead son. JJ tells Mirabel to pack esstenials and fire their servants.
  • The Rat

    JJ has been gone for a few days. The man living underneath Mirabel has ratted them out and has told the authorities that she is working for the communists. The authorities come, but Mirabel tells them that she does't. She tells them that her father is Mr Li and lives in Melbourne. The officer knows her father and yells at her neighbour for saying that one of their biggest foriegn supporters against the communists had a daughter who was communist. They take him away.
  • Fleeing

    JJ finally reutrns and says that he has been able to secure a boat for them to take and travel to Wen Zhou. From there they could get to Hong Kong.
  • Safe

    Mirabel has finally returned to Melbourne with her family. They now own their own house. She visits the soothsayer that she visited 9 years ago. She intends to give back the oracle bone. He tells her to keep it as that pathway will repeat itself over and over again until she has finally understood the meaning.