Lilly's Historical Timeline of Julie Weiss

  • Julie's Birthday!

    Julie's Birthday!
    Julie's birthday is on the same day of New Year's eve!
  • Sophy

    Sophy is Julie's best friend ans she thinks that her teacher, Mr. Bologlumn, being mean to Sophy because she is Jewish.
  • Julie's Mother

    Julie's Mother
    Julie's mother id stressing a lot over getting ready for a HUGE dinner party. Julie thinks she has gone mad. :)
  • Sophy and Julie's fight

    Sophy and Julie's fight
    Julie and Sophy get in fights VERY often, but this one, Julie told Sophy that she monoploizes is every converstaion and Sophy is very mad at Julie.
  • Hitler strikes again!!!

    Hitler strikes again!!!
    Hitler is running against Chancellor Schushnigg and everybody thinks Hitler is not going to win.
  • Julie and Piano lessons

    Julie and Piano lessons
    Julie quits piano lessons and starts taking English lessons nut her daddy says Julie can't tell anyone. (Why?)
  • Millie and the Nazis

    Millie and the Nazis
    The Nazis broke into the Weiss home and were looking for Jews. Her family is Jewish and their beloved maid, Millie, told the Nazis that the the Weiss were the "rich Jewish bums". They never knew where Millie went after that. Luckily the Weiss didn'y get taken away, but they got warned that the Nazis would come back.
  • Chancellor

    Chancellor decides to give up the canditate fight against Hitler so now the Jewish people are switched to German. The Nazis are started to invade!!!
  • Julie's mom does a bad thing!

  • Uncle Daniel

    Uncle Daniel
    Uncle Daniel (Julie's crazy Uncle) dissipeared. His apartment was broken into but know one knows if he was Jewish or not!!! Oh no!
  • The Nazis invade!!!

    The Nazis invade!!!
    The Nazis find Julie's family. They aren't taken away, but their father lost his job, they got everything that they had (couches, tables, food, cooking essentails, etc.) taken away! After all, Julie's family is very rih and Jewish and the Nazis don't want anyone richer than them living.
  • Mrs. Thompson

    Mrs. Thompson
    Mrs. Thompson (Julie's beloved teacher) is gone!!! Julie's family and the school knew she was Jewish so she probably got taken away! There will be no more school because all of the teacher's are quitting to protect their Jewish children and because the Nazis refuse the Jewish people to be educated!
  • Jewish people are banned

    Jewish people are banned
    The evil Nazis ban Jewish people from everything except the Jewish cememtery. How mean!
  • Julie's mom makes a terrible choice

    Julie's mom killed herself because of the pressure and sorrow the Nazis are putting on the Jews. Her life was SO terrible she no longer had the will to live. How sad!!!
  • Max (Julie's brother)

    Max  (Julie's brother)
    Max (Julie's brother) leaves the house to get a good education and to get away from the Jewish and Nazi madness. Julie and her father are the only ones left in her family now because they don't have enough money to pay their beloved servants! :(
  • Julie's father makes a hard desicion!

    Julie's father makes a hard desicion!
    Julie's father decides it is best for Julie to move away. Her moves her in with their non-Jewish uncle and aunt. Uncle Martin and Aunt Clara are very nice people that live in a in a big hotel with lots of other people. Julie is very sad because she might necer get to see her father again but happy that she is finally free and away from this madness.
  • About Aunt Clara

    About Aunt Clara
    Aunt Clara is a very talented acteress that is part of many famous plays amoung the area. She is very kind, caring and talented and devotes her free time to making Julie happy. She encourages Julie to take part in acting and before you know it- Julie's as famous and well-known as Aunt Clara. :)
  • Julie finally laughs!!!

    Julie finally laughs!!!
    Uncle Martin wins Somber Sue! (The funny game) :) He makes Julie laugh by imatating Elvis on a radio show. Julie loves to laugh now and she is happy and content. I loved the book One Eye Laughing the Other One Weeping!!! :) :) :)
  • About Uncle Martin

    About Uncle Martin
    Uncle Martin is a wild jokester who sometimes trys to make Julie laugh but never suceeds. He and Julie play a game called Somber Sue which means that they try to make each other laugh and whoever does first wins. Uncle Martin also loved=s sweets and shares a lot with Julie. :)