• Birth

    He was born on September 27, 1982 in Louisiana. His parents are Dwayne Carter and Jacita Carter.
  • Period: to

    Life of Lil Wayne

  • elementary school

    lil wayne went to elementary school. laffeyette elmentary school in New Orleans.
  • true story

    lil wayne published his album true story. B.G. was a part of the album
  • hot boys

    his first album was published "the block is hot" and "lights out". it was sold to about 400,000 people.
  • The Carter

    He created the Carter. the hottest album that he ever published. he started to get more fans when the album was published.
  • helping schools

    ls family helped fix his old school when hurricane catrina hit and crashed it.
  • the hit with dj drama

    drama and wayne teamed up with cash money. a big hit was "stuntin like my daddy". it wasn't the biggest hit though.
  • arrested for drugs

    arrested for drug possesion in Georgia.
  • waynes daughter

    lil wayne gets married to his high school girlfriend and has a daughter Reginae.
  • arrested again

    he was arrested again for drug related charges in arizona
  • summer of 2009

    Wayne spent much of his time on a trip with young money writing songs. thats when he got most of his songs.
  • signing over bowwow

    late in august he signed over bow wow to be with his crew cash money. he really helped lil waynes group.