• Birth

    Lil wayne was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lil wayne has one brother and one sister. His mother is Jacita Carter and his father is Dwayne Michael Carter. His real name is Dwanye Michael Carter Jr.
  • Period: to

    Life of Lil wayne

  • Lil waynes early life

    Lil wayne has always rapped. When he was younger he started rapping at the age of 8. His dad wasn't really in his life growing up
  • Getting discovered

    Getting discovered
    Lil wayne was first discoverd by cash money records. Birdman took him under his wing impressed with his raps at a early age. He began and signed a label with cash money records.
  • Road to being a successful rapper

    His name wasn't always lil wayne. He took on the name gangsta D. He dropped a album with mannie fresh.
  • Close to death

    Wezzy was supposed to drop another record but accidently shot him self in the chest with a 44. Therefore the debut of the album became a solo.
  • Reviving

    After recovering Mr.Carter dropped the name " Gangster D" because he felt it symboled his father so he changed his name to " Lil wayne". He joined B.G, Juvenille & Young Turk. He was in the group " Hot Boyz".
  • Rapping

    In 1998 the hot boyz were off the charts with their new album Guerrilla Warfare. They nearly reached number 1 for top album in Billiaboards. Him and Juvenille made a song together which was a hit.
  • Going solo

    Lil wayne went solo. Making his own album called the " The block is hot" which went double platnum.
  • New life

    His daughter was born. Her name is Reginae carter.
  • Road to being a star

    Lil wayne later dropped another album called "lights out". It was not successful like the one before but it still went gold giving him the name " #1 Stunna".
  • Young and rising rapper

    Lil wayne released his album called " 500 degreez" which sold more than juvenille's. This record went gold.
  • Changing minds

    Weezy dropped his album called scrapped. He was orginally supposed to drop a underground album called " Da Drought".
  • Divorce

    Lil wayne and Anotonia get divorced. They share custody their daughter.
  • Marriage

    Lil wayne got married in 2004 to anotonia. They married because of their child.
  • The carter

    The carter 2 was released. His carreer is better than ever now.
  • Weezy F. Baby

    Lil wayne dropped his album called " Tha Carter". Making him more known to the world.
  • Making hits

    A year later he worked with bird man making the dedication 2. He had many underground tapes still flurishing.
  • More albums

    In 2008 Lil wayne dropped his album " The carter 3." This was his 6th album.
  • Another child

    Lil wayne has a baby boy. His name is Cameron Carter.
  • Another Child

    Lil wayne has another baby boy. His name is Neal Carter.
  • back

    Lil wayne released his album Rebirth. Too tell those putting him down whats up.
  • His big album

    His big album
    Lil wayne released his album making this his biggest album sold. Just building his record label.
  • Newest album

    Newest album
    Lil wayne's carrer is so good. He had dropped his new album know as the Dedication 4.